Münster Dockland Area


Welcome to Münster, which is known as the city of bikes. I went to the harbour with a friend and was thrilled! There were plenty of interesting characters and exhilarating scenes for you to enjoy with your Lomographic cameras.

From the flat we headed directly to the harbour with the perfect weather. In my bag there was the great LC-A+ and the second most important woman in my life, Diana. For the sun’s sake some slide film too.

Restaurants and Bars like the Hot Jazz Club can be found on one side of the canal, on the other side there are old machineries to load and unload shiploads like silos and cranes. There were a lot of young people out on the streets who had a barbecue or enjoyed the sun while fishing. Hence, the first shots were taken in no time. We also noticed people with cameras, I don’t how to put it but somehow they seemed to be in silence! No camera – clicks were there to be heard as if they only pretended to take photos.

After a short period of confusion we carried on crisscross across gravel paths through more or less deserted premises, across more or less shut down rails to an abandoned building. But take a look for yourself…

written by earlybird on 2010-08-17 #places #boat #harbor #ship #canal #industry #location #docks #germany #munster #dockland #travel-destination
translated by konstantinp


  1. aecin
    aecin ·

    Münster is the city of bikes in Deutschland/Germany.
    The Netherlands is the country of bikes, I went to Münster but the bikepopulation is nothing compares to Amsterdam or even Enschede.

  2. tilmans90
    tilmans90 ·

    wunderbar ... unser gespraytes in diesem artikel :)

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