The Madrid Cableway


If you’re one of those people who has ever dreamed of flying over the blue skies of Madrid like a bird of prey and being able to photograph the city from above, but can’t seem to levitate yourself even one millimeter off the ground (even after you’ve put on your cape and worn your underwear over your jeans), then you should take your Lomo camera and take a ride on the Madrid cableway.

When you’re out and about in Spain, you have to ask yourself: why walk, when you can fly! A round trip on the cableway takes approximately 25 minutes. During the trip you will be able to feel how you are literally being transported from Madrid to the skies.

The ride begins in the Paseo del Pintor Rosales, and you slowly fly over the Manzares river. As you travel through the skies, you will find Casa de Campo right under your feet. Enjoy the view and be sure to take pictures of the spectacular silhouette created by the city of Madrid from this unique point of view.

The ride ends at the Plaza de los Pasos station, so take a break and enjoy the fresh air by walking around the station and exploring the forests, flowers and wildlife that are there waiting for you and your camera. Later, you can go up to the cafeteria, have an ice cream, and use a pair of binoculars to try to find your favorite place in the city. This is also an excellent opportunity to take some panoramic shots if you have a Horizon.

We know that you will want to stay; everything looks so serene from such heights, but you have to go back so get your camera ready again and enjoy the ride back!

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translated by katzpe


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