The Last Roll of Kodachrome


Signalling the end of an era, freelance photographer Steve McCurry takes out the last roll ever of Kodachrome to document his trip to India. Find out more about the last 36 shots of this incredible emulsion here.

Photo by: copefan

As some of you might know, Kodak announced late last year that they are discontinuing Kodachrome, the reversal film of choice of professionals since 1935. It’s not all heartbreak though, as ace photographer Steve McCurry was given the privilege that we can all dream about – to shoot the last 36 frames EVER of the iconic film. He took his precious cargo to New York and India, where he was quoted saying: “I photographed a tribe that is actually on the verge of extinction. It’s actually disappearing, the same way as Kodachrome.” Right now, the last roll is being processed in Parsons, which is the only lab that processes Kodachrome in the world. All 36 of the shots taken by Steve will be sent to the Eastman House in Rochester, New York, where Kodak is based. Rest in peace, Kodachrome. You’ve lived a long and colorful life.

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  1. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    I keep reading that Dwayne's is the only place that still processes Kodachrome, but here in the UK I sent mine to Switzerland I think it was, and it came back from Switzerland too so I think there might be somewhere else that still process it! I've two rolls left to shoot, I'd best get a move on!

  2. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    hihi i got two rolls from ebay and going to develop them by end of Dec... checkout my 1st roll in LC-A+…

  3. copefan
    copefan ·

    mmmmm............ my picture! I'm taking my last 5 rolls to the USA as i'll be touring round Washington DC and Virginia!

  4. ilovemydiana
    ilovemydiana ·

    i have one left! i better hurry

  5. cruzron
    cruzron ·

    make sure to save your precious rolls for that special day of shooting! :P

  6. kdstevens
    kdstevens ·

    I love that film. Mama done took my Kodachrome away. Seems we are losing a lot of analog films lately with the demise of Polaroid film and the demise of Kodak Ready Load and Fuji Quick Load 4x5 films, the demise of 110 film and so on. Shoot analog.

  7. copefan
    copefan ·

    processing in Switzerland ends in November..... !

  8. copefan
    copefan ·

    I reall like fuji quick load 4x5..... have one box left!

  9. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    finishing my last roll - and off to Dwayne's soon. can't wait for the results!

  10. falsedigital
    falsedigital ·

    I really wish they'd show the shots he took with it :[

  11. mattydk
    mattydk ·

    i've got one roll of K64 and one roll of K25 left. It's sad, looking at all my slides brings a wee tear to the eye. Will get these rolls shot and sent out for processing soon.

  12. somapic
    somapic ·

    At least in winter you could still send your rolls to kodak germany and they would also stll not charge for development as it was included with the roll...... fingers crossed - one more roll waiting for development....

  13. robot
    robot ·

    all true, The last day of processing for all types of Kodachrome film will be December 30th, 2010. The last day Kodak will accept prepaid Kodachrome film in Europe is November 30th, 2010. Film that is not in the lab by noon on December 30th will not be processed. (

    for polaroid film check

  14. metal_guru
    metal_guru ·

    I've got 7 rolls of Kodachrome 200 36 exp to trade if anyone has something decent to swap.

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