Zion Canyon National Park

It has become kind of a weekly thing now for me to take my camera and explore a new location around me. There is so much to see and do within a few hours drive from my home, this week: Zion Canyon National Park.

Zion National Park has become one of my favorite locations. I have been going there since I was about 8 years old, it never gets boring, and it seems to just get more beautiful with every visit.

Zion is just 2 hours from Las Vegas, NV, and even the drive up offers lots of gorgeous sights. Just outside the park at the entrance is Springdale, UT, which has gas, lodging, LOTS of good food, and some cools shops and galleries, including the Fatali fine art photography gallery (If you haven’t seen Fatali’s work, google it!)

“Zion” loosely carries the meaning of the promised land, or Jerusalem. The 229 square mile desert playground was named a National Park in 1919. It has so many areas of interest and places you must see, it would take me days to write about them all, so I will focus on my most recent hike that has the best view of the canyon, “Observation Point”.

Observation Point is 8 miles round trip, on the side of a cliff, and has an elevation gain of 2148 FT, so it is not for people afraid of heights, but it is most definitely worth the view at the top!

Zion has hikes for all ages and abilities, from multi day strenuous climbs through water and over boulders, to short walks on paved trails.

Things to know: A one week pass for a single vehicle is $25, and for a motorcycle it is $12, but that money goes to keeping the park nice, so it is well worth it. Also, some of the more strenuous hikes require a permit and special equipment, so contact the visitor center in advance.

April through October is the busy season because of the warm weather, but it is worth visiting all year long. Room rates are fairly cheap and for part of the year a free shuttle is available to take you in and out of the park to avoiding parking congestion. Enjoy!

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