Senhora do Monte - Lisboa, Portugal


Senhora da Monte is a sightseeing point in Lisbon, near the old city center and it gives its visitors an amazing and unforgettable overview of the city. It is sure well worth the visit so come on down the next time you’re in Portugal!

Senhora da Monte (roughly translated into Lady of the Hill) is a little piece of heaven in Lisbon, which gives you an opportunity to observe beautiful Lisbon city in all its glory.

This sightseeing point that stands near the chapel of Senhora do Monte, near the old city center, is well worth the visit. But be aware, it is not for everyone! The visitors must climb (on foot) a rather steep hill! But this is a small price to pay, as the splendorous views make well worth the effort. An unexpected and amazing overview of the city awaits for you, from the old city center down below, to the Tagus river further away, with the emblematic city castle at one side, and the more recent and modern part of the capital on the other. Two tile maps, one on each side, help to identify the main points.

And there is the Lady in its glass cover castle, watching the city and its inhabitants. The chapel behind it is a piece of history on its own. Although not the original building, mostly destroyed by the famous earthquake that stroke Lisbon in 1755, the chapel was built in devotion of an ancient Lisbon bishop martyred in this place. There is a legend about a stone chair that belonged to him which is inside chapel. The legend says that any pregnant woman who sits there would have a care-free child-birth! And some people say that even one Queen of Portugal made sure to sit her real bum there, when pregnant with the King to be.

Most Lisbon visitors only go to the more known and touristic nearby sightseeing point “Graça”, also with its many charms and indeed worth the visit, but don’t settled just for that, walk a little further, be brave and accept the challenge. You will not regret it.

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  1. photohuggers
    photohuggers ·

    Yes, come on to Lisbon, as the last photo says "Good Journey, Lisbon is expecting you" ;-)

  2. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Boa location, gosto do teu trabalho. Também és da zona? Lomo my city on! ;)

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