Stuttgart Main Station


Stuttgart Main Station is an impressive intersection in “Swabia”, southwest Germany with a high Lomo potential! Hundreds and hundreds of commuters and pedestrians run through Main Station every day, and this definitely sparks our appetite for photo opportunities!

Most of the time we don’t really notice them, even though crowds of people walk by, drive by, enter or exit trains there on a daily basis. Yet, there are reams of corners and tons of details to explore, which is downright perfect for the Lomo-hunt or the random snapshot! Being in immediate danger of demolition due to the multi-billion Euro construction project Stuttgart 21 it’s even more worth it to pay the station a specific visit.

For quite some time now it’s hardly possible for me to get from one train to the other without hitting the release button a couple of times! Especially the double exposures are crazy fun, no matter if well targeted or from the hip somehow you always get an interesting result.

Both around on the outside as well as in the tangle between the rail tracks you can capture the most amazing photos of course on a very sunny day.

It is definitely worthwhile to check the roof-deck as well. A ‘normal’ visitor or tourist would probably be bothered by the mesh wire fence cage that limits the view a great deal but the passionate Lomographer is instantly given a new creative horizon ;-)

My personal recommendation for bustling photos:
The Hbf-Stuttgart OBEN!

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    excellent location excellent lomographs!!!

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