Old San Juan Graveyard - Death By the Sea


I decided to make a location of one of the most important graveyards in Puerto Rico – the Santa María Magdalena Graveyard. Though it never even occurred to me that by being so close to death, it would take the life of my precious Diana F+.

The Santa María Magdalena Graveyard is located in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, wall to wall with one of the most famous landmarks of the island: The Fort of San Felipe del Morro. The construction of the graveyard began in 1863, when Puerto Rico belonged to the Spanish Empire. It was built in the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, as a symbolism, so that spirits could set sail in their journey through the sea.

In this graveyard, lay the resting bodies of people who hold great importance in the culture of Puerto Rico such as musicians Tony Croatto, Pedro Flores, Tito Lara, Rafael Hernández, y Gilberto Monroig. Poets and leaders like Poetas y líderes como Salvador Brau, José De Diego, Gilberto Concepción de Gracia, y Pedro Albizu Campos find their inspiration in their graves by the sea.

Whenever I pay a visit to ‘El Morro’ I would take a picture from afar of the impressive graveyard. But on this particular day I decided to go inside it and see what I’d find. It’s the perfect place for taking photos of statues and graves with the ocean background. Beautiful flowers of sorrow and longing from the people who have lost their loved ones.

Maybe it was for trying to capture the image of death, but I too lost something in that graveyard. By the end of the film in my Diana F+ apparently some screw broke, causing the N and B stick falling out place, causing the shutter to stop working. At least was able to save the film inside it and bring you these images of the beautiful graveyard. If you ever visit the Fort of San Felipe del Morro, don’t miss the Santa María Magdalena Graveyard. It’s the perfect place to rest in piece.

R.I.P. Belle [Diana F+]

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  1. lo-fi-hi-fi
    lo-fi-hi-fi ·

    wow man, I had been to that fort many times and I never went down there, it is as beautiful as a graveyard in Puerto Rico can get. I am happy to see someone out there taking pictures and would love to see more. Great job

  2. isabelbatteria
    isabelbatteria ·

    Damn! ¡¡¡Qué hermosas fotos!!!

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