LC-A Buyout Continues


Attention all Lomographers!

Attention all Lomographers!

Got a LC-A that has seen better days? Does it have a little scratch here or there? The shutter not working properly? Well then this is your chance to earn some extra piggy points! That’s right, the great buyout continues!

We will transfer 100 piggies to your account when we receive your worn out LC-A at our doorstep either in Vienna or New York. That’s right, that is the equivalent of 100 EUR/USD to spend in our webshop!

Please bear in mind though that if your LC-A has been used as a substitute for your baseball game or similar we can not accept it.

100 piggies… that is a lot of piggies… what to do with them all?

How about a new refurbished LC-A with a 2 year warranty? Just a 100 EUR/USD, plus your 100 piggies of course. Or how about a brand new LC-A+. Yours for the bargain price of just 150 EUR/USD plus your piggies back. Or better yet, a LC-A+ with an original Russian Minitar Lens for 180 EUR/USD (and those piggies).

No, neither of those fancy your interest? Then how about some LC-A+ accesories like a splitzer, fisheye adaptor, krab or a ringflash?

We also currently have an offer on the expired Fuji Reala 35mm in our filmshop. Save up to 37%!

5-pack 8 EUR/USD

10-pack 15 EUR/USD

20-pack 25 EUR/USD

written by lucasjakobsson on 2008-08-26 #news #lc-a #offer #buyout #film-deal


  1. dogtanian
    dogtanian ·

    my refurb is on its way right now :D
    im tooo excited hahaha

    wish i could afford a tunnelvision lens though :( lol


  2. ferro_ud
    ferro_ud ·

    still waiting for my lc-a+ to break :)

  3. viniciusb
    viniciusb ·

    Hi, are you still giving 100 piggies for the lca?

  4. hazy_baby
    hazy_baby ·

    Is this still going?x

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