At the beach in Zandvoort

Zandvoort in the Netherlands is always good for a nice day at the beach. The name comes from “sand” and “ford” (voorde) – and if Zandvoort is known for one thing, it’s vast beaches. So put your suntan on and get ready to have the time of your life!

You could by all means say that this little city is living on tourism. If nothing else, you’ll notice this by having to pay parking fees even on Sundays, or the Circuit Park Zandvoort race course in the middle of the dunes.
But since it’s currently late autumn, the beach isn’t that crowded, although the sun is still shining brightly in the sky on some days.

Luckily it was one of those days, when I took my short trip to Zandvoort. Off to the beach to sniff some fresh sea air, enjoy the last rays of sunlight, watch dogs catching their footballs and gaze at the sea. Of course it’s currently way too cold to swim, but the air alone, hearing the soothing sounds of ocean surf and the smell are enough to make me happy – and together with a nice back light, the beach and the ocean are always good for a photo.

So always hold your nose up against the wind and keep on Lomographing against the sun.

Who still wants to see some big city lights, can travel easily by bus or train to Amsterdam which is nearby.

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translated by sabrina2611

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