Praia de Icaraí, Niterói, RJ

Located at the most known neighborhood of Niterói, Itacaraí’s beach, is one of the pride of the city’s people. After all, it is the city’s biggest playground. The sidewalks are always full of people walking, running, riding bicycles, or simply going somewhere taking a “short cut” by the beach.

Photographically speaking, the beach is awesome, mainly if you consider that the popular saying that tells “the best thing in Niterói is the view of Rio de Janeiro” (which isn’t actually the truth). Beside of the fantastic view of every touristic spot of the city of Rio de Janeiro, the location has at your disposition the Museum of Contemporary Art(MCA), also known as the “flying saucer museum”, as well as a very sympathetic layer of sand, the people on the beach and by the sidewalk, and, finally, the second most beautiful sunset of the city, losing only for the City’s Park sunset.

written by raissuli on 2010-08-02 #places #brazil #rio-de-janeiro #location #praia #travel-destination #niteroi
translated by lucasjl

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