Panoramic Mundo Marino

Hey! Here is a panoramic view of a day at Mundo Marino. For your family trip to Argentina, or if you’re hanging out with some friends on your way to the beach, this is a must stop! Please come in, take a look, and spend a couple of long hours at this aquatic park!

OK, this is me and my family at Mundo Marino. We where on holiday at the beach in Mar de las Pampas, a 4 hour drive from Buenos Aires, and on our way back home we stopped at this great aquatic park!

Mundo Marino is the one and only attraction at San Clemente del Tuyu city. Here you can see penguins, dolphins, seals, and a whole lot of animals and shows with them. The city itself is quite a ghost town, and mostly if you are not traveling in the peak season, but the park is open all year. Though the city itself has no further attractions, the wide beach and old 70’s rundown hotels may be quite photogenic too.

At Mundo Marino you pay one entrance fee and you can spend all day there, (it may be a little bit exhausting though) you should have with yourself, sun block, hat or cup, and some jacket for in the afternoon it gets a little bit cold. And of course a great bunch of film and cameras to shoot all around you!

I hope you enjoy the view!
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