Seagull TLR 4B-1


What can i say, the Seagull is an instant attention getter. How old is this? Where did you find it? Does it work? They don’t expect this chunky camera to take the stunning pictures it does. This camera may be one of the reasons film is not dead.

I bought this camera for use on my trip to visit with my grandmother in japan. It became my personal travel buddy/attention getter/trouble maker. It went every where with me, to the mall, to the subway, through the country, to the city, I even caught a bat with it around my neck(it really happened folks).

The Seagull TLR may look a little intimidating straight out of the box, but I assure you it is a loveable little thing. It comes with all the necessary things, cable release adapter, tripod threads, hot-shoe, p.c. flash socket, magnifier for the viewfinder, even a self timer for all you divas.

Using the camera is extremely easy, focus, just choose your shutter speed(B,1,2,4,8,15,30,60,120,300), f-stop(22,16,11,8,5.6,4,3.5) pull the film cocking crank and push the trigger.

The Seagull is excellent for creating your own urban tripod. Its sturdy, with four little metal feet to keep it flat and level with the ground. This, mixed in with the cable release, can be so useful and convenient I swear you will cry. Long exposure shots are a walk in the park with this baby.

The glass view finder is so accurate and clear it almost doesn’t need the magnifying viewer it comes with. You can also fold down part of the view finder to size up your picture without the glass view finder. It’s painfully easy.

The only hassles I have come across is the first time loading experience because it is vertical not horizontal like the holga and the fact that the focus knob and the film advance are similar sizes. I found myself advancing the film instead of focusing the picture in the heat of a picture taking frenzy.

All in all, i love this camera to death. A must have for everyone looking to spice up there camera love life.

written by cosmicgypsy on 2008-09-18 #gear #review #seagull-4b-1


  1. saviorjosh
    saviorjosh ·

    great review and photos you have there!

    i've got the more basic 4B TLR. equally good stuff.

  2. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    i love no.2!!

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