Wholesale Fruit Market (Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong)

Coming out from MTR Exit B2, you will find a cluster of aged shelters, and some pre-war stone constructions within, surrounded by a bunch of high rise buildings. It is Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market.

Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market was built in 1913, which is the major market in the fruit trading industry. The site is listed as “Grade III historic buildings” by the Government.

In the morning, 4 to 6 am is the busiest time of the market. The merchants are working intensively in that period. Well, I don’t have the determination to wake up early thus never witness the busy scene. My working place, however, is nearby so that I would pass it by during lunch time and after work.

I love this market. I could see a bright blue sky here in such a highly urbanized area.

After the hard work in the morning, some workmen continue the dream last night and some group together to play mah-jong. Dogs are guarding the market dutifully and staring at all passers-by. The accountants are burying themselves in numbers……

The aroma of fruits, aged buildings, mosaic mural, traditional plastic red lamps, newly-built towers, noisy highways …… form a hybrid picture for new and old. No matter what you see, what you smell and what you hear, the picture is always rich. Maybe, it is Hong Kong.

Actually not much preparation is needed, as it is never my dedication location for shooting. Usually I spend the reminding frames here before heading to the lab. Yet please be reminded some workers would regard shooting be an “unfriendly” behavior!

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translated by singleelderly

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