Wide Angle Fisheye


Put a circular border around your Lomo LC-A wide angle lens shots!

Much like the wide angle macro mod, this tipster requires you to disassemble your Lomo LC-A wide-angle lens. But dont worry, its actually a very simple modification that produces interesting results.

1) Unscrew the little ring located on top of your lens that holds glare shield in place. be careful from this point on because you do not want the contents of your lens to fall out.

2) Remove the very first lovely piece of glass on the top of you lens.

3) Flip it over and carefully put it back in place, making sure no dust is on it.

4) Put your glare protector back on (or not) and screw the little ring back on.

5) Your Wide-angle Fisheye lens is now ready to go!

written by lomoblood on 2011-01-07 #gear #tutorials #lc-a #fish #tutorial #angle #lens #wide #eye #tipster #lomo #fisheye #camera-modification


  1. kiwikoh
    kiwikoh ·


  2. idigtulsa
    idigtulsa ·

    Awesome tip! Thanks!

  3. bearxiangz
    bearxiangz ·

    i cant seem to remove the ring on top of the lens, how do u do it?

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