Tai O, Hong Kong - The Fishing Village

Thinking about an ideal place which gives you the ability to go sight seeing and picture taking on a boat along the river? How about Tai O, located on the western side of Lantau Island in Hong Kong, which is full of different kinds of Lomographic opportunities.

Tai O, is a fishing town located in Hong Kong. People who lived here began their salt production & salt fish tradition for more than a hundred years. Most of them are living in “pang uks”, a kind of stilt house connected by rope bridges (a steel bridge had newly built these years). However, local residences & tourists are still relying a lot on boats.

A fire in July 200 destroyed more than 90 pang urks. But they had now replaced by mostly squatters huts and dilapidated stilt houses. This had now became landmark of Tai O instead, and reason people want to visit.

If you are interested at Tai O’s history (including the fish town traditions), you must visit the Tai O Cultural Workshop , Guanyu’s Temple, Old Police Station of Tai O. Also, buy yourself some famous shrimp paste too!

Transport :

  1. From Central Pier no.6 (nearby MTR Exit E1), take ferry to Mui Wo, then bus route 1 to Tai O
  2. MTR to Tung Chun Station, take bus route 11 from Tung Chun Town Centre
  3. Ferry service between Tuen Moon – Tai O, Tung Chun – Ta O, Sha Lo Wan – Tai O
  4. By Lantau island Taxi

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