Runway of Hong Kong International Airport - Sunset on the Horizon


The airport is not only a terminal and buildings. It is also a cool place to witness the sunset on the horizon and very close-up to the amazing site of landing and taking-off airplanes – best spot of course is the end of runway. Even if you are not into planes you will be impressed by the sites there!

The impression of the airport for most people is the arrival hall, or the check-in counters. Actually airport is huge, that’s why the staff named it as “Airport Island”! Of course most places are restricted area. Fortunately there is a cool place to enjoy the sunset, which allow public access. That is the end of runway.

Taking the bus “S52” from Tung Chung to the stop “Aircraft Maintenance Area”, you will take off at “Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited”. Behind the fences, some planes under maintenance are parked there. Identifying the logo of airline companies is a funny game to me.

Ahead from there, it is the busy runway. Planes are queuing up to start the flight or bring people home. Whenever the plane lands, it comes so close over our heads. The noise is earthshaking, even more “real” than in the surround sound in the cinema (Of course! Because it is real!) If you’d like to shoot the aircraft, you need a Tele Lens . And remember to act as quick as you can. The plane will not pose in the sky to wait for you.

As the plane will fly low when landing, for the sake of safety, the lamp post will “shrink” along the road. The shortest one is right in front of the runway, just a bit higher than me. It is a unique scene in this city.

This seaside is a gathering place for fishing lovers, silent thinkers, and sweet coupons waiting for a romantic sunset. The Airport locates in the west of Hong Kong. The sunset is on the horizon. The sparkling reflection on the water is so enchanting. Under different weather and season, the sky colour varies. If you are lucky enough, you would see an amazing “egg york" falling to the sea! Please be reminded that if you shoot the sun directly, set ISO value for 1-2 stops higher (or -ev), to avoid a over-exposed sky.

Last but not least, here shares a little story. Once I visit there, after shooting for several hours, the film got only a few shots heading to its end. I looked around to hunt for targets to finish the roll. My friend asked me patiently, “Why do you shoot? For only clicking the shutter, or for capturing the beauty? Have you ever relished the sunset?” This reminded me that photography is a part of life, so I need to enjoy my life first!

Take bus “S52” from Tung Chung MTR Station (Citygate) to terminal “Aircraft Maintenance Area”. Frequency is about 20min.

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