San Diego

Here’s a story of how my love affair with analog photography got started. It happened in San Diego, my home for the past decade. No day is ever boring and no subject too mundane when you’ve got a Lomo camera with you!

I’ve lived in San Diego for almost nine years, and it was really starting to get boring. I had a routine: sleep ‘till 12:00, eat “breakfast”, go skateboarding, come home, eat dinner, go to bed. though skateboarding is always fun, it wasn’t quite enough. So you can imagine how excited i was when I walked in to a fantastic camera shop in little Italy, by the name of NELSONS PHOTO. The left hand corner of the shop immediately caught my eye. What was in this corner? well, i’l tell you: a magical little world of plastic camera’s by names such as Holga, and Diana. i was transfixed! Though i liked the classic look of the Diana F+, i was more struck by the bulky, black, 120 film taking Holga. i asked to to see it, and after just one feel of the energetic beast, i knew i had found what was missing in my very limited schedule: analog photography!!

Since acquiring the aver charming Holga, i have proceded to almost never leave the house with out it. it makes every thing a subject of interest, whether it’s a simple bike ride to south park, a day on the beach, a picnic in Balboa park, or a walk to your favorite coffee shop, the plastic viewfinder makes the day that much better! Trust me, in San Diego, everything is much more interesting through a plastic lens.

written by catfood on 2010-08-12 #places #california #san-diego #location #usa #personal-story

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