Wing Lee Street – Preserving 50 Years of Time (Wing Lee Street, Hong Kong)

Tenement houses in Wing Lee Street were built in the 60s and perfectly preserves the original scenery of that place, 50 years ago.

Tenement houses in Wing Lee Street demonstrates the typical Hong Kong street scenery in the 60s. It’s located at Mid-levels, Central. Walking up from the central business district, along the slope, you will see the old street after turning around a long staircase. Every little details are illustrating the life in the 60s to 70s, just like the carved gate of shops, the balcony, and clothes drying on poles.

Urban Renewal Authority planned to redevelop the area, keeping only three buildings and demolishing the rest. In the 60th Berlin Film Festival, a local film “Shui Yuet Sun Tau” was awarded with the “Crystal Bear (Kplus)”. The story centers on the life of Hong Kong people living in the 60s and 70s, wherein the background was Wing Lee Street. After the film won this international prize, it raised a big noise in society. A lot of people asked to retain this valuable street. Finally the authority excluded Wing Lee Street in its renewal project. All tenement houses are preserved, as well as its rich history dating back to 50 years of time. The classic street scenery continues on.

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