LC-A+ / LC-A+ RL With Wide Angle Lens


First look, the super-wide lens has a giant chunk of glass as the lens! If you are wondering if this big piece of fun is way too heavy to be attached to the LC-A+ (yeah, it’s like crafted outta a chunk of metal built to last) the answer is ‘no’ It is not being attached using magnetic rings like some of the older lens attachments for the old LC-A cameras.

The design of the LC-A+ seems to be well planned for such attachments and all you need to do is slip the Wide Angle Lens the front of the camera though two slots on the sides, then locking it in place by a lever below it. Tada! That’s it! You have just transformed your LC-A+ into a different but whole lotta fun monster!

Another question that you might ask … ‘will it affect all the magical results of the little Minitar 1 lens?’. Again, the answer is a ‘no’. It is a 4-element coated lens that inherits all you’ve ever wanted from the Minitar 1 lens you love. Confident enough now? Pop open the rubber lens cap that hugs onto the front of the super-wide lens and you’re ready to go!

Ooops! Are you wondering how the standard viewfinder is gonna let you compose a scene now that it’s 20mm wide? In the package, you’ll also find a wide angle viewfinder which you can easily slip into the hotshoe for a wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide view. Personally, I decided not to use the viewfinder attachment to reduce the bulk, and also I hardly depend much on the viewfinder when I’m using my LC-A+. Either way, you have the option of WYSIWYG now. :)

Back to using the camera with the super-wide lens. With the lens attached, your focusing distance scale has changed too. On the side of the lens, you can find a new set of numbers that says 0.35m, 0.7m, 1.5m and > 1.5m. If you are already used to the standard one, you might need to pay a bit more attention when changing the focusing distance scale now. Here comes something I love most about the lens … the capability to focus as close as 0.35 meters!!! Cool! Now I can really go real close to the action for some dramatic ‘in your face’ shots!

There is a built-in lens hood in front of the lens and not only it helps reduce flare, but it serves as a cute decorative piece too. Why do I say that? Look carefully and you’ll find a cute icon of a little bird one it! One tip … you’ll notice a little loop on the lens cap. Find a thread or anything cool … then tie the cap to the rear part of the super-wide lens. This way, you’ll never lose that cap that protects the shiny beautiful piece of glass in front.

In short, this is something every LC-A+ or LC-A+ RL owner needs to have in his bag. Why settle for less when you can capture a super wide view of a beautiful landscape? Why leave out some of your friends from the group photo taken in a small room? Why not get a closer and bigger view of that cute kitten on the street?

written by ndroo on 2009-12-17 #gear #20mm #review #super-wide #wide #lc-a-rl #lc-a


  1. renaishashin
    renaishashin ·

    Really wiiiddddeeee~~ Congrats Unker ndroo~ :D

  2. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    one of the reasons why im still thinking about getting an LC-A+ RL...

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    Such cool shots ! N°4 rules !

  4. comezone
    comezone ·

    I will be getting this on december 26! Im so excited about it. Can´t wait to start shooting with LC-A WAL!

  5. day3hugger
    day3hugger ·

    what film is this??

  6. ndroo
    ndroo ·

    Hey this review has been submitted quite a while ago and I totally forgotten about it! Haha.

    @day3hugger : This is a roll of Lomo 100 slides

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