Chang House, Taiwan

I knew this place from my friend`s album. I saw them having fun on the roof. With great interest in that Chinese traditional building, I began to search for more information about it. I found the building was designed and built by Architect, Hung-shan-Yun who blended two totally opposite things, modern and traditional, in this building without any conflict.

The most exciting thing is you could climb to the roof and walk around between four houses, just like in your childhood. It’s an amazing experience when you do that.

I remember that it was a great day, we went to the Chinese Chang’s house, climbed on the roof together, chatted with my friends, and enjoyed the lovely shine and gentle breeze. There’s whole lush, green fields in my perspective. What a beautiful day!

Then, I picked up my Horizon Kompakt, and took everyone’s pictures on the top. My friends do some amusing poses. Since then, every time I see the pictures, lI always remember the sweet time I had back then. Always makes me feel warm!

written by dingdong161 on 2010-08-07 #places #taiwan #house #location #horizon #chang #yilan #zhuangwei #travel-destination

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