Ma-kang Fishing Village, Taiwan


There is only one road in Ma-kang fishing village which is named Ma-kang street and only one grocery store. Residents rely on fishing and aquaculture for a living, in the former fishing village is the fishing port, and not far from the village is sea and some artificial farms, coupled with unusual shapes gray cement, very unique.

Ma-kang fishing village located in Taipei county, where the east most fishing village. Magang fishing village is made by exploding the rock. Most of the houses are made by stone to keep the old fishing village style, although some buildings have been converted into the new. But you still can feel the simple and plain livelihood everyone lives. Magang fishing village is not big, you can take a walk to see the whole village, and won`t take much time.

In addition, not far from the fishing village is an abandoned bunker, the original function can’t be known, but is a good place to take pictures. Whenever I go to Ma-kang fishing village it is always cloudy, but it’s suited for this location.

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    好美! ! ! !

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    great pictures

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    Beautiful gallery :)

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