Berliner Mauerparkflohmarkt

Berlins famous Mauerpark-Fleamarket! Definately a place you should visit when you got a chance to be around in this stunning city!

I really wonder why there isn’t any location article about Berlins famous Mauerpark-Fleamarket, yet?! I wasn’t there that often but it is one of my most favorite spots in whole Berlin.
When i visited the fleamarket for the first time I was stunned by the big size of the whole area, all the diffrent kinds of things they sell there and of course the variaty of people who are around. You can find there regular fleamarket stuff and lots of unique art of local designers and artists.

When I was there the second time I brought my precious Diana to take some nice shots. We discovered a small open-air-theatre beside the market where a loud karaoke party was going on. We sat down on some of the last seats and had plenty of fun watching the more or less talented singers and wannabes. The whole place was filled with people. On the so called stage was a karaoke machine placed and a list for signing in to join the competition.

What an outgoing flair! Breakdancers performed some moves, shy guys turned into soul-singers and the crowd just rocked out!

Finally I hope that you enjoy my pictures. I used Kodak Ektachrome E200 Xpro and Agfachrome RSXII 100 (both expired).

written by shoujoai on 2010-07-23 #places #party #people #medium-format #karaoke #ektachrome #berlin #breakdance #location #kodak #xpro #diana #musik #agfachrome #spontanious #fleakmarket #mauerpark
translated by beyondwonderland

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