Taiwan Storyland


Taiwan Storyland recreates the old Taiwanese lifestyle and elders’ childhood memories. Inside the storyland, you can also find the old traditional photolab for you to develop your newly shot rolls! Lomographers, you do not want to miss that!

The instant I walked into the storyland with my parents, I felt like entering a time tunnel. Taiwan Storyland is located near Taipei station. Inside, you could find over 20 kinds of traditional Taiwanese housing such as classroom, motel, restaurant, post office, police station, toy shop and etc.

Mounting the tunnel lens on my LC-A, I was grateful to have my parents as my perfect guide. It was great to learn about their childhood stories and know more about the old Taiwan simultaneously. I really like the decoration of each room. It made me felt like that the resident just left the room minutes ago before we walked in.

I envy the staff here! How interesting it is to work in such a place. I rather work here than sitting inside my office cube. Taiwan Storyland is actually in a basement, thus the light is not sufficient enough. If you would like to document this beautiful place, I highly recommend you to bring high ISO films or a colorsplash flash. It would be great to invite your parents or grandparents to visit here with you too!

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  1. gnarlyleech
    gnarlyleech ·

    History is fun. Great that you got to bring your parents with you

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