El Río Guadalquivir


When the heat hits Seville, people enjoy the beauty of the Guadalquivir, the river at the city´s heart, more than ever. If you fancy a scenic and romantic boat-ride, or even a swim if you’re so inclined, Guadalquivir will certainly make you happy!

There’s always something going on in Seville and a lot of the time that something is going on in Guadalquivir. On the riverbanks, on the bridges and, of course, in the water. There’s always room for the Sevillanos to enjoy themselves, however they choose to do it.

All year round the river hosts sporting events such as canoeing, rowing and fishing. In the spring the river is transformed into an enormous theatre, where people gather to see the Semana Santa processions crossing the bridges from Triana to the Cathedral. In August Triana celebrates its own riverside festival and in October the Nocturna, a late night race attracts runners from all over the city. When January arrives the Guadalquivir´s chilly waters are enlivened buy the annual Betis vs Sevilla rowing contest.

Now, a new river walk links the Central Theatre and the Garden of the Americas on the west bank, so visitors can enjoy both sides of the river. There’s a cycle path and various viewing platforms with incredible views of the water.

And how can you mention the Guadalquivir without talking about the bridges, both the old and the new will tempt your Lomographic soul. Finally, don’t forget to take some pictures of the graffiti, which decorates the walls along the length of the river.

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