Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Get ready for a big splash as I introduce you to the biggest waterfall in Europe – Switzerland’s Rhine Falls! You better schedule a trip now though and enjoy it while it lasts, as sadly, this beautiful waterfall won’t be here forever.

Maybe you’re thinking that can’t be true as it’s not as impressive as Iceland’s Gulfoss, for example. True, it does not look like it, especially not on a day when there’s not too much water in the river. Nevertheless, with an average of 250 m3/s water running over the rhine falls it’s by far the biggest in Europe. In summer it even increases to an average of 700 m3/s.

Find a waterfall in Europe that beats that!

A while back I’ve seen a documentary on tv announcing that the Rhine will dry out in about ten years from now as the glacier is melting away due to global warming. That’s going to be a catastrophe considering the Rhine’s importance in regard to transportation of goods, fishing, etc. But imagining the Rhine not being there anymore, the river, the falls – unthinkable…

Go green and check this place out before it’s gone forever!

written by na-tascha on 2010-08-09 #places #water #waterfall #landmark #location #switzerland #rhein-river #rhine-falls

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