Hunting the Big Yellow


Trembling, panting for breath, I clutched the trigger. In view of this wild mass I immediately lost every clear thought. Get Close! Get Close! Again and again like a mantra! CLACK! CLACK! Humble yourself as you’re in front of the Big Yellow behemoth!

Call me Takitani. A few years ago – how many has nothing to do with it – when my purse was nearly empty and on land held me nothing special, it occurred to me, I could go north and discover the Berlin part of the World. People talked about fabled mythical creatures, giants and monsters that would be found here.
For one who calls himself a young Lomographer with nothing to lose, every day brings an adventure. If he’s not afraid, yet he avoids what may seems strange and new and threatening.

From old buccaneers, with eyes marked from fear and awe, i was told about a very terrifying and special creature. The Stories were only whistled. Stories that can not be told. Because one is aware of their attraction to the danger. These are legends. Legends for the brave and lunatics, like that one of the big yellow.

A monster of mass. A beast carrying a power and strength inside, that will shake the ground from a distance. About three strong men at high and yet still unmeasured length! Nourishes himself from people he sucks through one his three mouths, knowing of no differences between old, men, women and children. Knowing only thirst and hunger, and never pity.

A long time I was sailing in Berlin waters, never discovered more than a noise, a shadow or caught a clue, as I stood one day at a crossroad, happily cleaning my equipment and loading my Lomographic devices with ammunition. When I heard a thunderous roar in the distance, a murmur, sniffing and snorting, sending a wrathful fury on me. Without doubt a big yellow was raging towards me. Hungry and unleashed.

Trembling, panting for breath, I clutched the trigger. In view of this wild mass I immediately lost every clear thought. Get Close! Get Close! Again and again like a mantra! CLACK! CLACK! Finally a few shots made their way to that beast, roaring barely 10 feet away from me, piling up in front of me now, like an untamed, rumbling mountain range out of steamy polished metal. CLACK, CLACK, CLACK! I held my breath. CLACK! And suddenly there fell a deep silence. Dead silence!

As murmuring noise broke the silence, I realized that I had been devoured. I was now inside the monster. I had been eaten. Too close! Too close! Too close! Mantras are changing, i thought. The air was thick. It smelled of sweat, and digestion. Like fermentation and body fluids. Trying to get a hold my hand was grabbing around nervously but everything was wet and dripping. It was hot. Terribly hot and I had the feeling of breathing viscous air, that more and more clogged my throat. I thought i had to stifle.

KLONG. KLONG. KLONG! From my hand. The dense, suffocating atmosphere dampened the sound of the shutter substantially. The stench, the wild movements of the juices, the whole organic confusion, I just thought I LOVE IT! The monster is alive! KLONG. KLONG. KLONG! Wiping the musty fog from the lens.

Under the groaning and wheezing I get deeper into the belly of the whale and climb my way up, higher and higher, Klong, Klong. Ahab? Ishmael? I’m well-trained. If you start to rise above, there is no indecision. KLONG. KLONG. Get close! Unleashed! I’m at the top.

Due to the huge eyes of the whale, the great yellow monster that swims furiously through the streets, groans, stinks, digested, screams and roars, shakes and tears, Klong. Klong! Klong! I look into a world I never saw before. Far and open it lies at our feet. Each of his breathing becomes my breathing. Klong! My movements are adapted to his. His breathing is my wild heartbeat. These are now my huge eyes. It is my breathing, my unbridled body before which the whole world lies. Klong! Klong! Klong! The devices run hot. I’m alive. Klong! Klong!

Channeling my way through streets and intersections, swallowing and devouring women and children, old and strong men en masse. I know no mercy. I AM THE WHALE! KLONG! A monster, a beast of the road. Klong! Klong! In front of me the open world and after me nothing but deluge, devil-may-care.

Shoot different!

your Takitani

Location Tip Berliner Omnibus-whales, the “Big Yellow”:
The best way you can meet the big yellow is searching for them at their hunting grounds, where they often appear in groups. Above all, near the station Bahnhof Zoo. But remember: Every man and every women fights for himself, and better write letters to loved ones at home.

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translated by takitani

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    Great article! I never thought about those buses like that...

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