German Aerospace Day 2009

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) is the Research Center of the Federal Republic of Germany for aerospace, energy and transport. So far there are more than 6.000 members of staff working in 13 locations all around Germany. Cologne is the headquarter and every 2 years everyone got the chance to have a look inside these giant institution at the “German Aerospace Day”.

Not everyone gets the chance to have a look into the daily business of the German Aerospace Center. Even if you are working there, like me, you usually don’t have the opportunity to take a look at the astronaut training basin.

But never say never! Everyone got the chance on the 20th September 2009, because the German Aerospace Center opened its doors for the public. Together with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Airforce, everyone was invited to the 8th "German Aerospace Day ".

Take your chance – take a look behind the scenes

Almost every institute of the DLR showed off their work and their ongoing projects from material science to aviation or mission to Mars. The guests could ask their questions about the noise control in aviation, future job prospects or the value of moonshots at nearly every both.

Beside all these interesting information there were some action-items as well: For example the helicopter sightseeing flight across the whole area, a signature session with our lovely astronauts, having a look at our special guest, the all-mighty Airbus A360 or enjoying some live music. I think, there was probably something for everyone.

At the end we can proudly say that the “German Aerospace Day 2009” was a complete success with more than 100.000 visitors.
See you 2011!

See the German Aerospace's official website

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