San Sebastian Square (Largo de São Sebastião)


Sometimes I go out with my faithful companion, a Canon T-90(from the late 80’s) and just go out and shoot. One of the best things to do to have fun here is to buy some cheap films to photograph with. Here my recollection of the time I went and shot at San Sebastian Square.

I always go to the San Sebastian Square, principally to photograph, no one gets tired of photographing the place – the stone benches, the tacacá (a typical food, it’s a kind of soup with shrimp and other stuff) stand, the paved floor made of black and white stones (which a few people know that were the inspiration to the famous Copacabana sidewalk), the monument to the ports opening that rises at the middle of the tree circle, and, mainly, the Amazon Opera House, the greatest city symbol.

It’s a place that resembles everyone of the old times of “Belle Époque”, the french one and the Manaus one, a place where you can photograph, read a book, chat with friends, enjoy some live music, meet new people, and other things as well. But, there is something very strange at the place that you notice when you stop to think that you’re at the heart of the amazon rain forest, something that might only be observed because of the heat, which isn’t the same anywhere in the world and that certainly makes the experience of being there even more unique.

Everyone that comes to Manaus has to visit the place, and to the world Lomographers I advise: there is always new angles, expressions and situations to explore and photograph around there!

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