Children's Book Illustrator Aniek Bartels Customizes the La Sardina DIY


Today, we welcome Aniek Bartels to our magazine! Aniek is an illustrator and maker of things who opens the doors into an enchanting world for children. She recently customized a La Sardina DIY, turning it into the cutest camera you'll ever see! Join us as Aniek shares insights about her work, her inspiration, and the process behind her charming La Sardina design!

Credits to Marit De La Vera

Hi Aniek, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Can you please start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

I am Aniek Bartels, a Dutch illustrator creating enchanting illustrations that support children's growth. My work is featured in books like Vleertje Muis and Een Kleintje Erbij, as well as in toys and museum installations. Inspired by my own childhood, I help children express complex emotions simply and confidently through my colorful and humorous illustrations, aiding them in overcoming challenges and fostering their confidence.

Credits to Anna Photoco

Can you tell us about the inspiration for this La Sardina design?

The camera design is inspired by one of my colorful illustrations of a beaver decked out as a superhero. I illustrated this beaver with gouache two years ago. And let's be real—if you're snapping shots with a Lomography camera, you're basically a superhero too. It takes some serious guts to rock an analogue camera in this tech-obsessed world. Analogue photography is all about unleashing your inner artist and experimenting with your unique style.

Credits to Aniek Bartels

Your style is usually geared towards children. Can you tell us what’s so appealing for you about the world of children?

A child's imagination knows no bounds, and I strive to play a meaningful and supportive role in their lives through my work. When I illustrate, I tap into my own sense of wonder and possibility, creating scenes where anything can happen. Whether it's tigers wearing daisy sunglasses, lions skating, or bats enjoying mosquito cookies, my goal is to inspire and engage.

Credits to Aniek Bartels

Children are a discerning audience; they are sensitive to humor and emotion and have a keen eye for detail. This makes them a challenging but rewarding group to create for, and I take pride in meeting this challenge with creativity and dedication.

What are you planning to shoot with the camera?

I think it's fun to capture my colorful studio. Sort of like a safari with all the illustrated animals on my wall.

But who knows, I might just take my camera on a canoe trip during my vacation in France in two months. Adventure awaits!

Credits to Aniek Bartels

Do you have any exciting upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I'm diving into an exciting new adventure: creating a children's book that joyfully dances through the world of emotions with playful poetry! This book is an extension of the Bliss Kids cards that I previously illustrated. While I've just begun this fun project, I'm thrilled to share more details as the magic unfolds.

Thank you Aniek! Want to see more of her work? Check out Aniek Bartels' website and Instagram @aniekbartels!

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