Marie Gardez Tests the Petzval 80.5 Art Lens and LomoChrome Films

Marie Gardez is a Spanish photographer whose experimental portraits, which combine strong saturation and a unique quirkiness, really impressed us. We sent her a few LomoChrome films and the Petzval 80.5 Bokeh Control Art Lens to give a Lomographic touch to her shots. Here are the beautiful results she obtained!

© Marie Gardez - LomoChrome Color '92 35 mm film

Hello and welcome to our Magazine! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! My name is María, but everyone who knows me through the photo world knows me as Marie. I am a photographer from Madrid, Spain, and I like to consider my work as versatile: I go from editorial fashion and beauty shoots that fulfill me artistically, to more slow paced, personal photography just to document pleasant pieces of my life.

When did your journey in the world of photography begin?

My mom ran a photography shop in the town where we lived, so I had a very close contact with photography from a young age. My father also used to shoot a lot of film and we had multiple cameras lying around the house, always available to be used, so it was inevitable that I would end up messing with them eventually.

© Marie Gardez - LomoChrome Color '92 35 mm film

Where do you find inspiration for your amazing creative portraits?

It mostly comes to me through other artists’ work. Observing others’ art is what inspires me to create my own, it makes my brain activate to think in ways to use colors, light, makeup and clothes that I find attractive to the eye to articulate my own piece. And of course, from movies and music covers.

You shot this beautiful series on LomoChrome Color '92 35 mm and LomoChrome Turquoise medium format films. Can you tell us about the shoot?

The idea came quick and so did the shooting. It was a close friends and artists arrangement one morning, natural light from a sunny day, a clear idea in mind and no complications. Shooting with Julieta (and all the team involved) was very easy, the films performed nicely as expected, and I think the results from the Turquoise specifically speak for themselves. It was just what I imagined.

© Marie Gardez - LomoChrome Turquoise 120 film

Do you have any tips for shooting with color-shifting films?

Be brave, jump into the pool. If the skin tones shifts, do skin on purpose. If colors get alien-like, choose them with your mind on it. Don’t be afraid to try and do a weird thing, even if it’s not going to be true-to-life. Nothing really is. And try to overexpose always, just a bit, to be safe.

How was your experience with the Petzval 80.5 Bokeh Control Lens?

It is a very sharp lens with a really interesting effect, and a very easy understanding of the bokeh control. I liked the smoothness of the focus control, and the variety of shapes to choose from for the bokeh. However, I tend to shoot on wider lenses, so it was difficult for me to change my way of thinking and adapt to a 80.5 in a short span of time, but I would recommend it for the ones looking for a fine and special portrait lens.

© Marie Gardez - Petzval 80.5 Bokeh Control

Do you have any upcoming shoots or projects that you want to share with our community?

I am always working in the shadows, so something is always cooking! I am in conversations for a few shoots that should see the light sometime during summer, but we’ll see how that goes.

To see more of Marie's work, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII SLR Art Lens

The New Petzval 80.5 mm f/1.9 MKII Art Lens has been designed for (d)SLR photographers and filmmakers alike. Sporting a new helicoid focusing mechanism and a stopless aperture diaphragm as well as a Waterhouse Aperture System, this lens is available for Canon EF and Nikon F Mounts. The New Petzval 80.5 MKII is also available in an Advanced Bokeh Control Edition, featuring a Bokeh Control ring.

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