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Malacca is definitely on the must-go-list for whoever pays a visit to Malaysia. Aside from being the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Malaysia, it also displays a fusion of the European and local cultures and cuisines, namely the Baba culture.

Geographically located on the equator while surrounded by the Malacca Strait and South China Sea, Malaysia is always best known to have the tropical hot and wet weather. Moreover, locals always find that Malacca is especially one of the HOTTEST town in Malaysia. It was previously colonized by the Portugese, Dutch and British in the past millennium before Malaysia had obtained the independence in the year of 1957.

After that brief introduction, we’re going into my documentation of a short day out to Malacca with my friends. We did our very best to show the Malaysian Hospitality to our lovely Japanese friend Chieko from Hokkaido for the first time to Malaysia.

We visited the Stadthuys and Christ Church of Malacca.

Had a walk at the old town under the big and shiny afternoon sun.

This was truly an unforgettable experience for Chieko and me. But it was a pity that she fell sick the next day due to the weather shock. :(

Taken in front of a big wall featuring Orang Utan.

This is the canal of Malacca. :)

Ruins of the Dutch Fort, of course. Well, who’s gonna miss that in Malacca? You could never say that you’ve been to Malacca without being there. :)

Rode the Eye on Malaysia at Malacca.

Ruins of the St Paul’s Church

Whoever who’s in Kuala Lumpur could easily drop by to Malacca which is a two-hour-drive away.

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