Making a Moment: Posy Pants by Kristy Ahumada

In our article series, Making a Moment, we’re asking photographers to share one of their favorite photos that they’ve taken. We want to know the story behind the final image and everything that went into making it.

This time we meet Kristy (@volatilephoto), a photographer from Petaluma, California, who first started making photographs as a teenager, after being inspired by the film photography of her Grandfather. She tells us that she’s “never been a fan of rules when it comes to self expression through art”, so it didn't take her long to start experimenting with her photography. Kristy believes that pushing limits in art allows her to learn more about herself as a person. This sentiment of self-reflection is present in the photograph she shares with us today, a striking self portrait she titles Posy Pants.

Credits: volatilephoto

Kristy: If I explain the simple reason I love this self portrait, it would be that it displays my creativity and femininity in a playful way through a few things I really love, being photography and floral design. This particular self portrait was taken to remind myself that being unapologetically myself never goes out of style.

I took this self portrait with my Nikon F100, and 50mm F/2 lens. I used the camera’s timer function while it was on a tripod. The film I used is my personal top favorite color film, Lomography Color Negative ISO 800.

This image was partly spontaneous and also born from a colorful vision I had been holding in my mind for some time of my own personal growth as a woman. It is part of a large collection of self portraits I’ve taken on film over the last few years, as a way of broadening my self expression and my craft. Each self portrait I have captured over time has truly helped me become a better photographer and artist overall. Every self capture has caused me to slow down even more and immerse myself in the photo process while practicing being present.

What I find the most remarkable is that self portraiture has revealed to me so many unseen and even neglected aspects of myself as a human being, and in doing so, it has helped me evolve and heal in ways I never had before. This type of self-reflection and growth was something I didn't expect to experience from taking photos of myself, and I’m eternally grateful for how much it’s changed me.

To see more of Kristy's photography be sure to follow her at her LomoHome and instagram

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