Lomography Community Recap: April 2024

Need a quick refresher on the popular photos and LomoHomes that were in the spotlight last month? Or want the latest scoop on the most exciting competitions? Find all these and more in this monthly recap!

Popular Photos Last Month

Thousands of stunning photographs are shared by Lomography community members every month and we can’t help but commend the best of the best. Marvel at the stunning photographs that have been shared in the community this April.

Credits: gabrielelopez, polinalovesfood, stevejack0, bradleysmit, sugarcottonlamb, henricnft, stereograph, lomonina, martoplyas, andrejrusskovskij, batfeets, roaringtree, akula, gheinz, steeveephoto, grandphilippe & julientixier

LomoHomes We Loved Last Month

Ready to face another month? Get inspired to embark on creative photography projects with the visually enticing LomoHomes of some of April's most popular users and newcomers in the community. Drop by their analogue abodes to see their stunning snaps!

Credits: yokosima, derstepp, alnfmv, hieptltb97, moongrowl & connorfinlaysonphoto

Explore more LomoHomes here!


Grab your chance to score vouchers for the Lomography Online Shop by joining our ongoing LomoMissions. Test your photography skills in different genres for a chance to win a spot in the annual Lomography Photo Awards TEN AND ONE and a special edition camera! Submit your photos now!

Credits: la_niko

LomoTrivia of the Month

Want to interact with the Lomography community in real-time? Join in on the interesting conversations hour after hour in our shoutbox! Air out your concerns, publicize your albums, and share ideas, tips, and stories with fellow shutterbugs across the globe! Our top shouter for the month of April is none other than community member @oukrid! Make sure to check out their LomoHome and show them some love.

Credits: oukrid

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Take the spotlight next month!

We're always on the lookout for intriguing and interesting things happening in and around the analogue community. If you want to share your LomoHome, photographs, and personal projects, drop a line at Denise's LomoHome or send us an email at community@lomography.com. Who knows, you and your friends might be the next community stars!

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