First Impressions of the Lomomatic 110 by Alvin Sebastian


Alvin Sebastian is a long time community member and regularly posts his film photography to his LomoHome. It's no secret that Alvin has also been a champion of the 110 format for quite some time now, so of course we decided to send him our brand new Lomomatic 110 along with a couple of 110 film rolls too! Read this interview to hear about his first impressions of the Lomomatic 110, and see his wonderful shots taken with the camera!

© Alvin Sebastian

Hello Alvin and welcome to Lomography's online magazine! Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your photographic journey?

Hello there, I'm Alvin Sebastian. I'm 33 years old and live in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I started to shoot film around 15 years ago and joined the Lomography community along the way.

We sent you the new Lomomatic 110 camera to try out. What were your first impressions and in what ways does using this camera differ from your usual photographic method?

Well first, thank you Lomography for sending this cool camera! My first impression was amazement with the Lomomatic 110. I tested the metal edition and to me it's vintage yet futuristic. I love the design of the camera!

© Alvin Sebastian

What is your favorite feature or characteristic of the Lomomatic 110?

This Lomomatic 110 has lots of features. I can change the ISO setting, aperture day/night setting, the MX switch and last but not least is the absolutely cool built in flash! This is what I like the most, the flash!

© Alvin Sebastian

How was the overall experience of using the Lomomatic 110?

While using this camera, it made me always want to take it everywhere! The size is small and compact, easy to use and I can shoot it day or night.

Can you tell us about your past experience shooting with 110? What do you like most about the format?

I was shooting with 110 films before I knew about the Lomomatic 110 and to be honest, I hardly ever shot at night or indoors because there's no fiash on any of 110 cameras that I shot with. For obvious reasons, what I like about 110 format is the pocket size. I can take it everywhere I go!

© Alvin Sebastian

You went to South Korea while testing the Lomomatic 110. What was your favorite thing about the trip?

In South Korea every place has a different story, different architecture and of course, a different vibe. Even we tried hanbok (traditional Korean dress) and went to Gyeongbok Palace, it's a must-do when I go to South Korea.

© Alvin Sebastian

Any tips and tricks for shooting with the Lomomatic 110?

Yes! Bring a battery for backup! When you shoot a lot with the flash, the battery drains quite fast based on my experience. And don't forget to have fun with it!

What are your hopes for the future of the 110 format?

My hope is that this format will bring more and more people to shoot 110 film.

© Alvin Sebastian

Anything else you'd like to share?

I live in Bandung and we have some problems scanning and developing the 110 format. Nowadays, it's quite rare to find a photo lab which can develop and scan 110 film. In my recent experience I had to send it to another city.

Thank you to Alvin for sharing his experience using our new Lomomatic 110! You can check out more of his photos at his Instagram page and on his colorful Lomohome.

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