Making a Moment: A View Through the Trees by @juniardigiugno


In our article series, Making a Moment, we’re asking photographers to share one of their favorite photos that they’ve taken. We want to know the story behind the final image and everything that went into making it.

This time we’re talking with Indonesian Lomographer Juniardi (@juniardigiugno), who has been shooting film since 2011, when he was attracted to the design of Lomography cameras and the unique photos they produced. His first film camera was a Lomo LC-A+, which he credits for getting him hooked on analogue photography.

Juniardi has since turned his hobby into a business, selling film in his family’s shop. He tells us, “it’s great to do work I love, where I can share and discuss film photography with my customers and make new friends as well.”

Today Juniardi tells us about one of his favorite photos, a stunning landscape shot that reveals the beauty in the ordinary.

Credits: juniardigiugno

Juniardi: I like taking landscape photos and this is one of my favorites. This photo was taken at the top of a tea plantation facing Mount Burangrang which is covered with many tall trees.

What I think is interesting about this photo is the lighting, the clear mountain with gradations of blue and orange sky, the silhouette of the trees which add dimension to the composition make it more compelling.

I used a Leica m6 camera with Carl Zeiss C Biogon 35 mm lens, and Fujifilm c200. Set at f11, 1/1000 s.

This photo was taken spontaneously. I’ve crossed this area many times and this is one of the paths I usually pass for my weekly hiking trip – nothing really special about the area, the mountain is usually covered in fog or clouds, mostly gloomy or occasionally very bright. But that day was different, that afternoon the sky was clear and sunlight was shining beautifully on the mountain and the trees. I knew that I had to photograph that moment.

Nature, or life in general, is pretty unpredictable. Even if you cross the same place, it always feels different and somehow fascinating. So I make sure to take my camera with me wherever I go because I never know what great moments lay ahead.

To see more of Juniardi's photography be sure to follow him at his LomoHome.

In this series of articles we're asking you to share the story behind your favorite photo. Interested in being featured? Email with the subject line - Making a Moment.

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    This lomographer are truely die hard analogue lomographer, I'm witnesing 👍

  2. roaringtree
    roaringtree ·

    Amazing photo!!

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