Awaken the Spirit of Freedom With This Special Edition Lomo'Instant Automat Glass by Japanese Artist Ema Ichikawa


We are excited to announce our recent collaboration with Japanese artist Ema Ichikawa, who uses her signature style to add a touch of magic to our Lomo’Instant Automat Glass. The young artist takes inspiration from the Rinpa school of art, with her work reflecting the traditional Japanese aesthetic, and incorporating themes of floriography and nature into her artwork.

This exclusive camera design features a marine-life illustration with gold embellishments to symbolize freedom, inviting photographers to explore their creative side. To celebrate the debut of this brand new Lomo'Instant Automat Glass edition, we invited Ema Ichikawa to talk about her work.

Lomo'Instant Automat Glass Ema Ichikawa Edition

Hi Ema, welcome to the Lomography magazine! Please introduce yourself to our readers!

Hello I'm Ema Ichikawa, born in Sendai in 1997. I majored in western painting at Tohoku University of Art and Design and now am working as an artist besides my full time job. I mainly work with gold leaf, sumi ink, and pens.

©️ Ema Ichikawa The original artwork that's used on the camera.

How do you feel about your artwork being used as a camera design?

It was refreshing and delightful to see my two-dimensional work printed along the shape of the camera. Actually it's been a while since I did a collage drawing, so it feels like I just remembered something that's long-forgotten and I want to try it again soon. I like the shape of the camera, and I would be happy if people around the world pick up this camera and get to know more about my artwork!

The camera comes with a folding booklet with Ema's signature work, byobu, printed on the front. On the back is Ema's bio and artist statement.

You majored in oil painting, so how did you end up with your current style?

Yes I majored in oil painting, but I also had a chance to experience different techniques and materials. I discovered the use of gold leaf when I was in my junior year. The more I learned about the gold leaf, the more I was fascinated by it, and it led me to where I am today.

I also remember the feeling I had as a child when all I needed was a pen and paper to draw. As I pursued a monotone world to match that memory, I tried a variety of materials and, here I am.

Are there any difficulties specific to using gold leaf?

Of course the cost of the material, and it takes a lot of time and work to apply each sheet of gold to a canvas. But I believe that's the beauty of using gold leaf.

©️ Ema Ichikawa

What do you want your audience to see and feel with your work?

I use marine life as my symbol of freedom and plants based on floriography as a motif. My works incorporate my hopes, thoughts, and feelings, so I want my audience to wonder what flowers and creatures can be found there.

I want to emphasize that my intention is not for my audience to find these answers; rather, it should depend on the person. I want each person to ask themselves what hopes and feelings they want to connect with.

Ema in front of the byobu, folding screens (biggest work at her solo exhibition). At her first-ever solo exhibition "水中庭園 (Underwater Garden)" she displayed many gold leaf works along with some small drawings. The place looked as though it was her gardern.

You had your very first solo exhibition in March. How was it?

I was really happy to have my space with my works. When I do a group exhibition I have to think of the balance between my works and other artists' to create a harmony, however this time I was able to fill the place with just my works, and it was fun to come up with the best layout so that each work would stand out among other pieces.

This solo exhibition gave me an opportunity to look back to my old works and compare them with the new ones. With many people coming to the show, I was able to get some objective feedback too. Plus, I found what I need to improve and felt more ready to try and create new works!

©️ Ema Ichikawa

Do you practice photography in your free time?

Yes, with film! I'm not familiar with all these technical terms, but I like to go out with a camera in my hand. I just click the shutter without thinking too much.

How was shooting with the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass?

Unlike digital or 35 mm film, I get this exciting feeling when waiting for an image to appear on the film. It's quite easy to use for a beginner like me, and I also like the design of the camera!

©️ Ema Ichikawa

Any upcoming projects you would like to share with us?

I will be joining ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2024 from September 19th to 24th. I'm really excited as this is my first time at an art fair.

And, from November 12th to 17th is my second solo exhibition at Tokyu Plaza Ginza! Please come to see my new works here!

Lomo'Instant Automat Glass Ema Ichikawa Edition

Thank you, Ema, for sharing your art with us! Make sure to follow Ema on Instagram to see more of her work!

Visit our online store to order your Lomo'Instant Automat Glass Ema Ichikawa Edition!

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