Music Videos, Live Performances, and Photo Shoots: Jay Ybarra's LomoApparat and LomoChrome Color '92 First Impressions

Last time we spoke with Austin-based photographer Jay Ybarra he introduced us to his work and tested out the Sprocket Rocket in a variety of settings throughout his jam-packed everyday life.

Perfectly aligning with his nostalgic hip-hop album art and pop-culture inspirations, Jay is back with us to put the LomoApparat loaded up with some LomoChrome Color '92 to the test—sharing some more lively shots from his fascinating adventures!

Photos of Isa Rush and flowers by Jay Ybarra

Hi Jay, welcome back to Lomography magazine! Can you fill our community in on what you've been up to since we last spoke?

Hi, thanks for having me again! A lot of shooting, and getting more familiar with video. I have been making social media reels for Fujifilm over the past couple years so it feels like I’m learning something new all the time.

What made you decide to try out the LomoApparat and LomoChrome Color '92 combo?

I had tried out a LomoApparat while I was assisting on a shoot a couple years back, and I really enjoyed the look and feel of the camera, I just had never had the chance to get a look at some of the photos I had taken. I was really intrigued by the filter attachments and color gels for the flash.

As far as Color ‘92, I had seen some examples on Twitter (X) and really loved the look of it. The warm tones looked good, while still maintaining the vibrant blue, and the grain really drew me in.

Photos of Cham and Brigitte Bandit by Jay Ybarra

Can you tell us a bit about what you shot with the camera and film?

I would take a few photos at each shoot I had. One was a music video with Cham (holding the balloons) and I made sure to take a photo in all different lighting conditions. I also took it to SXSW with me and got a few of performers on the stage.

What's your favorite feature of the LomoApparat?

I really like the build of the camera. The leather all around it is really nice feeling, and I like that you can have a few gels for the flash on hand at all times.

Having a really wide focal length is really nice too. I was able to get up close and have a really nice center, while the edges would have a little distortion that gave it some nice character.

The metal lanyard is sooo cool, everyone I showed was so amused by it.

Photos of Vertarias, She 23, and flowers by Jay Ybarra

Do you have any tips or tricks for shooting with the LomoApparat and Color '92 film?

I think having as much light as possible gave me better results. I had tried to get a shot with and without flash so I could compare, and more often than not the one with the flash came out a bit better.

If you’re using the flash in darker conditions just be mindful that the field of view of the flash feels a little narrower than the lens, so if you’re trying to get a vignette around a person you could step back a little.

Photo of Kyla by Jay Ybarra

Do you have a favorite shot from the roll? Is there a story behind it?

This is tough, I liked a good bit of them, but I would probably choose the one of my Kyla sitting in the bluebonnets, with the flash vignette. We had planned to meet up at sunset, but the weather ended up being very dark and hazy, so it was darker than expected.

Got really muddy on the trail, but we came across some large patches of bluebonnets that I had to get photos in. I love that I was able to capture so much of the trees, sky and foreground. The bluebonnets were just a really nice touch of spring in Texas.

What makes you decide to shoot film time and time again as opposed to digital photography?

Using film is like a nice surprise at times. I have a good bit of distance from when I shoot vs when I get my scans back. It’s like a nice present to myself in a way.

Photos of Cham, Meagan, and Lavender Thug by Jay Ybarra

If you could take the LomoApparat to shoot anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I think I would like to use shoot with it in Oaxaca when I go later this year for Dia de los Muertos. It would be fun to the wide perspective of everything going on, from the people to the environment and decorations.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I like trying out a lot of different or unique cameras. So if anyone ever has any recommendations hit me up on IG!

If you're interesting in keeping up with Jay and his work, make sure to check out his Instagram and website!

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