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FORMAT is the UK's largest photography festival and has been running since 2004. It is held in Derbyshire, UK which becomes host to a series of events, talks and exhibitions around the city of Derby, celebrating diversity, creativity and showcasing talented photographers from around the globe. This year we teamed up with FORMAT Festival 2024 to host a special Diana F+ LomoWalk around the streets of Derby. Here, the participants share some of their results, as well as their thoughts on the experience!

Photos by Lomography Staff and Sarah Skinner

“This was my second time doing a Lomowalk and I still found it a uniquely illuminating experience, trying to capture the novel in the everyday and getting to talk to likeminded others – getting to know how they shoot, what they look for, and what they get from the hobby is very rewarding. Having next to no prior experience with the Diana F+ it was surprisingly easy to pick up and the simplicity of its mechanical parts had a very distinctive charm. I never want to stop trying new things and that’s definitely true for photography, Lomography as a process is so refreshing in this regard, and really challenges the way I approach the scenes around Derby.” - Josh Leland

Photos by Josh Leland

"It was an interesting experience just to load the film, something I last did in what seems like the ancient past. Once in camera, it seemed quite hard/clunky to scroll onto the next negative but I think that is what then gave me some interesting images."

"The gratification was certainly greater for waiting while the film was developed and scanned, and it was very exciting to see the results!" - Sarah Skinner

Photos by Simon Bather

"The use of 120 film with the Diana F+ was a lot easier than I expected and this was due to the camera. It makes for a very good introduction to the whole topic. I thought the results were great. The process of taking photographs with the camera forced me to think differently about taking pictures and I really enjoyed the challenge compare to my normal cameras. With the ability to take a double exposure you had to pre-think your images to capture the right ones at the right time. I really enjoyed the whole experience." - Simon Bather

Photos by Matt Parkin

To learn more about FORMAT visit their website or Instagram page.

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