Tipster: Capturing Spontaneity in Street Photography


There's a lot of fun to have with street photography. With the amount of subjects possible there's no doubt we can always come up with out of the ordinary photos which reflect the way we see the world.

But how can we level up our street photography and give it more soul? In this tipster, we'll share a few easy tips to take note of for your next photowalk, with the help of our community members' photos which perfectly encapsulate these tips!

Credits: duffman, aydakucuk8, sadlollipopmountain & dimm1975

Look Out for Lighting

Be on the look out for moments where light is cast interestingly on a subject, or let your ideas run wild and create something unique out of what's in front of you. Play around with shadows, or find the opportune angle to take a snapshot. Dramatic lighting can be your friend when you want to elevate a moment in street photography!

Credits: canad_adry, spitp51, melky, steinnthorkelsson & mocean

Make a Subject Out of Expressions

You've probably come across street photos with a magnetism that makes you want to stare at them and uncover what exactly pulls you towards them. Sometimes, it's the candid expressions on people's faces as they go on with their lives, slightly or even completely oblivious of the camera staring right at them.

Emotions can also be expressed in movements through body language. Observe the way people move and the kind of energy they're giving out, and try to capture it!

Of course, choosing the film stock and camera to use is also important. But color film isn't the only way to put excitement into your street photos. You can also make contrasts by using black and white film stocks to put more emphasis on people's expressions. Look at these black and white images evoking life and vibrancy from community members @sirio174, @leilawithani, @rangervert, @klimilk and @colnager.

Credits: sirio174, leilawithani, rangervert, klimilk & colnager

Frame It Like You Mean It!

Another way to improve your street photography is by being intentional in your shots, such as telling a story by framing a scene. Through framing you can emphasize your subjects or highlight how they interact with their environment.

You can also experiment with shadows, reflections and the amount of space in the photo – getting as close or as far away from your subject as possible. As always with street photography though, be mindful and respectful of people's space and boundaries, and remember that street photography aims to record everyday life as it happens.

Credits: kkalerry, edwardconde, vishalv, rgksnaps & shootrstreet

Immerse Yourself in Interesting Moments

Sparking people's curiosity is one of the most satisfying things you can do with photography. Speaking of everyday life, you can also come up with the most curious photos even in small moments in the street. Observe your surroundings for scenes that tickle the mind.

Take these photos from @rangervert, @shootrstreet, @mackiechartres and @emanuelearciprete, where a story seemed to be unfolding. Images like these inspire us to ask questions about the photo's sequence of events–what happened before and after it?

Credits: rangervert, shootrstreet, mackiechartres & emanuelearciprete

Do you have any other street photography tips? Share them with us below!

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