Enjoy Summer on Film with the LomoApparat Fluffy Omelet Special Edition


Enjoy summer on film with this colorful edition of the LomoApparat camera! The LomoApparat Fluffy Omelet edition was designed by a Thai artist, Proei-Natchariya Laosrisin, also known as Fluffy Omelet. This time she brings us stories and shades of summer. Whoever takes the LomoApparat Fluffy Omelet edition on their next trip is sure to have a lot of fun!

Read our interview with the artist herself and check out her lovely photos taken with this super cute camera.

©️ Fluffy Omelet

Hi, and welcome back to Lomography Magazine! Can you start by telling us more about Fluffy Omelet? How did it start?

I started making Fluffy Omelet around 2016 during the semester break from studying. I wanted to try something new by creating some products from drawings in my sketchbook. So I started producing small products such as acrylic brooches and stickers then started selling in small art markets in university and other events. In the beginning I had my friends help me produce various handmade products. Whether cutting stickers, coating the brooch with resin or packing things. I gradually started to produce other products to follow.

©️ Fluffy Omelet

How do you get inspiration for your lovely designs?

Inspiration comes from things around us that can be seen every day. Sometimes it might be stories from friends, lovers, people around me, or when I travel, I will see the cuteness of the place, the people, the various atmospheres. Then I bring it to tell a new story through the style of Fluffy Omelet.

What was the inspiration for this LomoApparat Fluffy Omelet edition ?

©️ Fluffy Omelet

When Lomography invited me to collaborate, I was very excited. The main idea was to make this camera like a box of memories when traveling. Personally, I'm a person who likes the beach, with the golden yellow sand, blue sea and sky, a lot of fun moments. I think the sea is a place that indicates relaxation and traveling for many people as well. So it came out in this design.

©️ Fluffy Omelet

Directly on the edge of the camera is a pattern of clouds in the sky on good weather days. The front is a top view of a beach full of people enjoying themselves with various activities. And behind the camera, I wanted to put in one of my favorite characters, Mure, a dalmatian dog who is riding in a car on the way to the beach. It's like a small gimmick I usually add to my designs.

©️ Fluffy Omelet

Please tell us about the process of working on this edition?

After deciding what story to tell I started sketching first to see what I wanted to draw in the design. Once I had the various elements I then put them together to form a picture and tried to compare it with the camera to see which colors or elements could be added. It took quite long to make adjustments before it became this final design.

©️ Fluffy Omelet

Could you tell us about your experience shooting with your LomoApparat?

There are a lot of accessories that come in the set. What I like most is the built-in flash, with the many color filters that you can choose to change yourself. The camera is quite easy to use, nothing complicated and compact in size, easy to take anywhere.

©️ Fluffy Omelet

What's the theme of this photo set? And do you have a favorite photo among them?

These photos I took may not have anything special. It's a set of photos I took on my last trip. It was very fun! If asked which photo I like the most, it must be a photo taken at the Twelve Apostles because it was taken just as the sun was about to set and the light was beautiful.

©️ Fluffy Omelet

Where would you like to take your LomoApparat next?

There may not be any specific place, but I think I'll definitely take it with me on every trip, to collect various stories as inspiration and memories. Moreover, I am proud to have our first film camera design.

Which of the ten Lomography golden rules do you relate the most to?

©️ Fluffy Omelet

Number 6 – don't think is probably the one I relate to most. I'm a person who doesn't think much when taking pictures. As soon as I see it and like it, I'll pick up my camera and take a photo. I'm afraid I'll regret it if I don't take those moments.

Follow more of Fluffy Omelet's work at their website, Facebook and Instagram.

The LomoApparat Fluffy Omelet edition is available now at our Online Shop.

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