Photographer Joohee Kim's First Impressions of the Lomomatic 110 Camera

Meet the most creative pocket-sized camera on Earth, the Lomomatic 110!

We recently released our brand new pocket-sized camera, the Lomomatic 110 and invited Seoul-based photographer and avid user of the 110 format, Joohee Kim, to put it to the test. See how she captures everyday life with this 110 format camera and hear her story firsthand!

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Hi and welcome to Lomography Magazine! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello! Greetings from Korea. This is JooHee Kim, active under the username filmphotographee on Instagram. I capture moments and scenes on film.

©JooHee Kim, Camera:Lomomatic 110, Film: LomoChrome color '92 110 ISO 400

How did you get started with photography?

My uncle passed down his manual film camera to me, and I learned the basics of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus, etc., directly with that camera. However, because it's a film camera, I couldn't see the results immediately after shooting, so there were a few trial and error moments in applying what I learned. Through shooting with film, I learned a lot by experimenting with how to adjust each value to get the image I wanted. Sometimes there were failures, but while looking at the results I discovered the charm of the film that I liked and I learned from it.

©JooHee Kim, Camera:Lomomatic 110, Film: LomoChrome color '92 110 ISO 400

Why do you still shoot in analogue?

My mindset changes. When shooting with a digital camera, I tend to take more shots, but with analogue photography, I become more immersed in the moment. Additionally, since it takes quite some time to finish a roll of film, when I finally develop and see the photos I've taken, the moments I was immersed in come back to me in a different way, which I really appreciate.

What inspires you?

The creations of others definitely inspire me a lot. While photos do inspire me, these days I find inspiration from auditory sources. When I listen to songs or stories, I often get images in my head that I want to create. Also, I draw a lot of inspiration from everyday life, both past and present.

©JooHee Kim, Camera:Lomomatic 110, Film: LomoChrome color '92 110 ISO 400

Why do you shoot with 110 format?

When shooting in 35 mm or 120 format, there are many moments where you have to be quite deliberate. I think this is due to the cost of film and the size of the camera. However, shooting in the 110 format allows you to experience analogue photography in a size that fits comfortably in one hand or pocket. As a result, you can enjoy analogue photography more lightly, both physically and psychologically, in your daily life.

Which camera do you use?

I shoot with Lomomatic 110 and Pentax Auto 110. The Pentax Auto 110 is an SLR camera, so you need to manually change the focus or lenses, while the Lomomatic 110 is more compact and easy to carry in daily life. It was nice to be able to carry it lightly even in darker environments because it has a built-in flash.

©JooHee Kim, Camera:Lomomatic 110, Film: Color Tiger 110 ISO 200

What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of using 110 film?

For the 110 format, there are fewer places for processing than expected, and the processing cost is slightly higher which is a disadvantage. However, the film price is cheap, and its compact size allows for more frequent and lightweight enjoyment of analogue photography in daily life, which is an advantage. Additionally, since it has a different shape and size than what people typically think of as a camera, I didn't feel pressured when taking street photography.

Do you have any particular favorite photos from this shoot?

I like the photo taken on the streets of Yeongdeungpo, shot with LomoChrome color '92 . Honestly, I don't usually take street photography with film cameras, but while walking in Yeongdeungpo, I happened to encounter a moment I wanted to capture, so I immediately took out my camera from my pocket and pressed the shutter. Even though some unexpected elements are captured outside the frame, I think those coincidences add an interesting aspect to these photos.

©JooHee Kim, Camera:Lomomatic 110, Film: LomoChrome color '92 110 ISO 400

And I also like the photos taken with Color Tiger 110 ISO 200 , including the picture of the red bus, the passerby looking at Deoksugung Palace, the photo of Seokjojeon (Korean Empire History Museum), and the night view of Sewoon Arcade (Makercity Sewoon). They capture my everyday life as it is, and even in dark environments, the details are clearly defined, allowing me to feel the power of the 110 format once again.

©JooHee Kim, Camera:Lomomatic 110, Film: Color Tiger 110 ISO 200

Do you have a favorite 110 film stock?

My favorite film is Color Tiger 110 ISO 200 . I especially love the warm color tone.

©JooHee Kim, Camera:Lomomatic 110, Film: Color Tiger 110 ISO 200

Do you have any advice for other people who want to try out the 110 format?

I think the 110 format film is optimized for integrating analogue lifestyle into your life, both physically and psychologically. Just carry it in your pocket and capture the scenes you want to record.

Thank you to Joohee Kim for sharing her thoughts on shooting with the Lomomatic 110. If you're curious about Joohee Kim's work, check out her Instagram account. Explore the new Lomomatic 110 on the online shop now!

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