Singapore Botanic Gardens

A quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, the beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens is the place to go for a picnic with friends, a concert under the stars or your wedding photo shoot. Don’t you think its high time for you to escape into solitude?

Popular with both the locals and tourists, Singapore Botanic Gardens is located a stone’s throw from the country’s main shopping strip Orchard Road. Admission into the gardens is free and it is open daily from 5am to midnight. However, the best times to visit the gardens are in the morning or early evening when it is cooler.

One of the main attractions in the gardens is the National Orchid Garden, which houses a wide variety of orchids. Look out for the lovely, purple Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower, as well as other orchid species named after famous celebrities. Besides orchids, the gardens are filled with numerous trees and shrubs which flower all year round, such as the Fragipani tree below.

Pack a picnic basket and enjoy an outdoor concert on the slopes of Palm Valley. Outdoors concerts are held frequently, such as the recent Andrea Bocelli concert at the Swan Lake. One can usually catch musical and dance performances at the Symphony Stage on weekends for free. Gazebos are scattered throughout the gardens to provide shelter from the sun or rain and for visitors to rest.

Also found throughout the gardens are statues and monuments which may require a keen eye to spot as they blend in well with the greenery.

It is not uncommon to see wedding photo shoots in progress when visiting the gardens. The variety of flora and fauna coupled with abundant sunshine provide interesting subjects and excellent lighting for photographers in general.

If I could only pick one Lomography camera to bring along to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, it would be the action or super samplers. The bright sunshine, wide gentle slopes where one can run and jump and fast moving subjects (joggers, children, dogs, swans, squirrels etc) would maximize the capabilities of these cameras.

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