@elwynreverie Captures Dreams With The Diana Baby 110

The 110 format has many unique attributes such as portability, distinct grain, muted and low-contrast results, and a vintage look. Lomographer @elwynreverie has showcased these features in her recent photos where she combined the iconic 110 version of the Diana, known as the Diana Baby 110, with some Lomography film offerings. Her images have a beautifully retro feel and could easily pass as found photos from decades ago.

Credits: elwynreverie

Fascinated by nature, Elwyn wanders around capturing the world around her through the 110 format. The magical photos set with the backdrop of this forest can easily be part of a fantasy novel. When talking about her photos she talks about how creativity and mood is much more important than getting a sharp photo.

I would describe my photography style as “dreamy”, artistic, and nostalgic. Rather than capturing sharp images, I prefer blurry photos, not sharply defined, that almost look like a painting. I often use double exposures to emphasize the artistic approach to photography.
Credits: elwynreverie

Our latest camera, the Lomomatic 110 has been making waves since its launch, but our other 110 cameras, the Fisheye Baby and Diana Baby 110 have for years helped many Lomographers start their 110 format adventures. The distinct characteristics of this format have inspired longtime photographers and relative newcomers to try a new creative outlet when it comes to capturing the world around them.

I like the rendering of 110 as the images and grain lend themselves well to creating images that resemble paintings. With the Baby Diana, I really like using it because I think it is comfortable and practical to keep in my pocket. Furthermore, since it doesn't use batteries, I don't have to worry about it running out of energy. It’s an everyday camera.
Credits: elwynreverie

When talking about her own personal style, Elwyn talks about how she is "trying to capture dreams through her photos". Her use of combining the 110 format and the Baby Diana makes every photo look like a fleeting memory that you are trying to recall. As Elwyn tries to recreate dreams and reinterpret them through photography, she creates another layer to her work that makes each landscape photo something that is more than meets the eye.

I want to evoke a distant feeling like we are watching a dream or a memory. Something we know but cannot fully explain, like a mysterious vision of nature, liminal spaces, and childhood memories. To achieve this feeling I found the Lomochrome Turquoise film very useful. The color shift enhances the otherworldly feeling I’m trying to achieve.

We thank @elwynreverie for her wonderful photos. Be sure to keep up with her on her LomoHome and Instagram. What do you want to capture with the 110 format? Comment down below!

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