IKEA Malaysia

After reading articles and seeing Lomo shots from IKEA in other countries, it’s now finally our turn — IKEA MALAYSIA! Sure, some of the things, products and items might be the same but IKEA Malaysia has charm all its own.

Over the years, IKEA seems to be equivalent to furniture for most of us. Well, when we think of furniture, we think of IKEA. Years ago, IKEA Malaysia was located at the ground and lower ground floor of the One Utama Shopping Complex. In year 2003, it got relocated to Mutiara Damansara, with a building standing on its own. The new IKEA was the largest store in Asia at that time with a shop floor area of approximately 270,000 square meters. Malaysians were delighted by the relocation, thus IKEA new store soon became a famous spots for everyone.

IKEA does not only satisfy the furniture needs, but also our stomachs too. Yes, the Swedish restaurant I meant. It’s not a pure Swedish restaurant anyway, it’s a blend of both Swedish and Malaysian cuisines. yummy-licious. Nevertheless, IKEA has always been a great spot for photographers as well as Lomographers! Don’t leave your cameras at home if you are visiting IKEA, because it’s one of the best spots for great photos!
(Don’t forget that those mirrors in the showroom are perfect for group photos!)

p/s – well, one of the security guards warned me not to take photographs in the IKEA Malaysia, I told him, ’I’m not taking any photographs. I’m taking lomographs!’ and the security guard got really confused. XD

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