Love With The LomoKino by Judd Figuerres and Ipe Cervantes

Filipino LomoAmigos and power couple Judd Figuerres and Ipe Cervantes recently spent time strolling the historic neighborhoods of Binondo and Old Manila, and with the help of the LomoKino captured a beautiful and romantic mood.

By using Lomography Redscale XR film and taking advantage of the sunny weather, every shot has the appearance of a warm dream state. Through this collaboration, we also learned more about the couple's story and their experience using the LomoKino.

Credits to Judd and Ipe

Hi Judd and Ipe! Can you introduce yourselves and tell us how you met?

Judd: Hello. I’m an advertising director and Ipe works in tech. We first met years ago on a dating app.

Ipe: But we weren’t a match on our first meet. We got to reconnect a couple of years after I attended his DJ gig in Escolta. That’s where we really get to know each other.

What’s a usual day like with you? What are some of your favorite things to do together?

I: Judd and I have lived together for almost four years now. We are almost inseparable. Our energies match (not exactly all the time but most of the time) so a typical day with us is very relaxed.

Credits to Judd and Ipe

My favorite things that we do are the everyday mundane things: him making me coffee, us preparing dinner for our friends, endless snacking, listening to OPM (Original Pilipino Music), watching funny YouTube videos, and playing dress up. All these mundane small moments are my favorite things with Judd.

J: We always eat together—it's our thing. Food is our common love language, and living in a diverse neighborhood means we have access to a variety of cuisines. We enjoy trying new things together. We’re adventurous when it comes to food! And yes I like making coffee for Ipe, I converted him to become a coffee person.

We lent you guys the LomoKino to play around with. How was your experience using it given your different approaches to analogue photography?

J: I love analogue photography’s delicate quality and it’s very apparent with the LomoKino. But what’s special about its delicacy is it also prompts the user to be free and spontaneous. I enjoyed the tactile experience of cranking the lever, sensing the film stretch, and hearing the satisfying click of the shutter. It was very nostalgic and quite liberating.

I: I was very excited to use the LomoKino but, honestly, I was also intimidated to use it. So we did a little bit of research and test shoots first. That entire process of trying things out, experimenting, discovering things was really fun.

Credits to Judd and Ipe

You went to Binondo and other parts of Old Manila to shoot the LomoKino. What do you love about this area?

J: I like feeling the history. I like looking at the old buildings, walking through the aged roads, and imagining what Manila was and could have been. There’s something about being part of layers and layers of the grime and grit of Old Manila that makes us more appreciative of our home. I love sharing this experience with Ipe, we explore our common ground as people as we explore the history of our city.

I: Old Manila is very special to us because it’s dripping not only with history but also with our personal histories. This is the place where Judd and I reconnected again. It’s also our favorite date place where we always try to find new spots to dine and explore.

Credits to Judd and Ipe

How was the experience of capturing old Manila with the LomoKino?

J: It was mesmerizing! Especially after seeing the developed photos. Manila is so full of life and color, and capturing it on film is always a treat. There is no wrong frame. They said shooting on film is like making a wish, and seeing that wish come true (aka the frames are properly exposed) is always the best feeling.

Credits to Judd and Ipe

I: Being a long-time fan of the LomoKino, getting the chance to use it was exciting. The thought of exploring Old Manila with it added an extra layer of excitement. The history, character, and charm of this place are the perfect backdrop for experimenting with the LomoKino. An analogue “moving” photo feels like the next natural step in our photography journey. I’m excited to see how it turns out after piecing them together.

Did you discover anything new about each other while shooting with the LomoKino?

J: Ipe is my best buddy. Anywhere we go, whatever we do, he’s always there to support me. And he always has an eye for detail which I always adore. He was intimidated by the camera at first but he enjoyed the process once he got the hang of it. We also haven’t been in Binondo for a long time so it was nice to reminisce and document our favorite spots together.

I: Judd's all about finding beauty in the ordinary – he loves snapping random everyday stuff. Me? I tend to overthink, especially with film where every shot is a big deal, so I'm all about setting things up just right. Judd's more laid-back, while I'm the one sweating the details.

Credits to Judd and Ipe

How was your experience using the Lomography Redscale XR film?

Judd & Ipe: It was challenging. We had to do a test roll first to make sure we were hitting the right settings. It definitely needs a lot of light so I think it’s best to use it under strong natural light or match it with a flash like what we did. Light is key to bringing out those fantastic red tones.

What do you guys have in store for this year?

J: We’re moving out of our apartment and we’re doing it slowly. We’re quite attached to our current place so it’s so hard to move out. We made so many memories together in this place and we are surrounded by the best people here. We’re learning that change is the only constant thing in this world.

I: Nothing specific right now but I would love to do personal creative projects as a breather for my boring corporate life. This collaboration is a perfect jumpstart!

Credits to Judd and Ipe

What’s your favorite thing about each other?

J: I love Ipe’s gentle soul and his warm smile. And his buttered chicken.

I: Judd is my home, and my reason to smile. And I will cook a million-buttered chickens just to make him happy.

Is there anything else you want to share with the rest of the Lomography community?

Judd & Ipe: Take photos of things that make you happy and don’t take it too seriously. Analogue photography is so much fun and letting yourself commit mistakes is the best way to learn more about it. Get a film camera and be free!

We thank Judd and Ipe for sharing their story and experience with the LomoKino. You can check out the full video here. Be sure to keep up with them by following Judd and Ipe on Instagram. Tell us where you want to take the LomoKino next by commenting down below!

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