Which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain? What else but Cadiz, the land port! Full of fish, history and culture, Cadiz is a wonderful locale to go to when you’re looking to unwind, enjoy the rays of the sun and just plain relax!

Its name means walled fortress or enclosure in Phoenician. Its history is like a web that links a multitude of important events, the discovery of America, the story of Hannibal, the ancient peoples of different continents, the first Spanish Constitution and the fight against would-be conquerors; but there are two things that attract Lomographers to Cadiz; the light and the fried fish (and apparently, even normal folk like the fried fish…)

There’s no better place to spend a day shooting pictures. You can walk round the old city, with it’s small town beach, wander through the port to see the enormous cruise ships, look at the huge breakwaters where the wild cat families live, walk along the causeway to the Castle of San Sebastian and visit the Castle of Santa Catalina.

While you’re at it, don’t miss the Museum, they have amazing Zurburans and Murillos on display. A walk through the narrow streets will always end in a sea view, or you could relax and enjoy the sunshine in one of the beautiful squares, with seagulls wheeling round you, begging to be photographed. Do you need any more reasons to visit Cadiz?

OK, maybe one more. When you’re worn out with taking so many pictures, sit yourself down at any of the city’s many restaurants. Prepare yourself for a treat, because Cadiz is home to the best fried fish in Spain (at least that’s what they tell me.) Enjoy!

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  1. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    A wonderful article from a beautiful spanish town ... ¡With a lot of history!

  2. markholloman
    markholloman ·

    Although I have never been to this city, I love the brilliant natural light it offers. Good sun inspires great photos. From what I can tell the women there are also an inspiration to admire. And of course how can anyone go wrong with the beach as your playground....

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