Event Recap: 120 on 1/20 Portrait Study with Essential Photo Supply & Jonathan Lovett

Over the last few months our efforts to keep medium format alive have snowballed thanks to the support of our community members, LomoAmigos, and film partners. Perfectly exemplifying this is the recent workshop held in collaboration with our Salt Lake City, Utah based partner Essential Photo Supply and led by veteran LomoAmigo and professional photographer Jonathan Lovett.

The workshop, which took place this past January 20th, allowed participants to get their hands on some Diana F+ cameras and Lomography Color Negative 120 ISO 800 film to familiarize themselves with the format as well as practice their portrait work.

Photos by Brooke Sweeney

"I had so much fun during the workshop at Essential Photo Supply. It was so amazing to meet such kind and talented local photographers and photo-curious folks! We had a great time using the Dianas and there were some really beautiful images made by the end of the day. It was such a supportive and fun environment and I really hope people left with some more knowledge than they came in with. Overall it was great to see artists supporting artists. I hope to be a part of more of these workshops in the future!"
- Jonathan Lovett

Photos by Jonathan Lovett

The day started off with attendees meeting up at Essential Photo Supply for a Q&A in their Greenhouse Studio. Jonathan led the group and answered their questions on all things photography — from basic exposure triangle information, to the history of film cameras, to the various sizes that exist from 110 to large format.

Photos by Ben Cohen

"The attendees came from a variety of backgrounds, from professional videographers learning to take stills, to someone who hadn’t shot a camera before! It was great to see how those who were newer to photography took to the camera and were able to understand its functions and create an image they intended. Essential Photo Supply’s entire mission is to be an open and safe space for any photographer from any level to learn and grow into their own style and creativity, and working with Lomography was an amazing success in achieving that mission." - Victoria Hills, Essential Photo Supply Representative

Photos by Victoria Hills

After the introductory discussions, Jonathan and Victoria from Essential Photo Supply's team taught the participants how to load the Diana F+ cameras.

Photos by Finn Epperson-Valum

Once the cameras were loaded, models Lola Call and Lucy Spencer were able to hop into action in the studio. Lola, who is a professional model, gave instructions on how to work with models, and her tips for directing models. Her and her girlfriend, Lucy, then began to model for the attendees as they directed the subjects with different poses, form, and lighting.

"Today was so lovely. Chlo and I learned so much and had so much fun. I was so surprised to hear that this was Essential Photo Supply's first workshop because I thought it went so so well!"
- Finn Epperson-Valum, participant

While the participants has a lunch break, Essential Photo's fantastic lab was able to process and scan all 12 rolls of film within an hour. They were also printed on 5x5 photo paper so that everyone got to go home with physical mementos of their work.

Photos by Bryan Barrios

Ending the day, everyone met back up in the studio to review one another's work and have some more Q&A time.

We hope everybody who participated had a fun, film filled day! Once again, special thanks to Jonathan Lovett and Essential Photo Supply for making this event happen.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah and established in 2021, Essential Photo Supply processes mail-in film and film orders via their website. They can also be found on Instagram. Their goal is to be a one-stop shop for all things photography and meet photographers at their level to help them achieve their project goals wherever they're at, as well as support photographers through artist galleries that showcase local art in the community.

Keep up with Jonathan and his work over on his website and Instagram.

If you missed the workshop, stay connected with us by checking our Calendar for upcoming events!

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