In Loving Memory of Klaus Wendland, a.k.a. @Klawe


A kind and humorous soul, and a lover of life and film photography, with a deep technical knowledge and appreciation for the craft. It is with great sadness that we join the family and friends of Klaus Wendland in mourning his recent passing.

Photos by Klaus Wendland (@klawe)

Klaus’ wife Gudrun informed us that Klaus died on 15th January 2024 after a short bout with cancer, diagnosed in October of 2023. Klaus is known in the community for actively sharing his photos and knowledge of film photography, as well as taking part in LomoWalks and film swaps with fellow Lomographers, including Gudrun who is also a film photographer.

Portraits of Klaus taken by Gudrun (@guja)
Klaus and I met and fell in love in the mid-90s. It quickly became apparent that photography and traveling were our shared hobbies.
In 2017 we discovered the Lomography platform, and with it experimental photography. Klaus loved exchanging ideas with other photographers about experimental photos and old cameras. Another part that was important to him was getting to know each other personally through photo walks with Lomo friends when the opportunity arose.
I will miss him very much as a husband, friend and travel partner. - Gudrun (@guja)
Photos by Klaus Wendland (@klawe)

Klaus’ photos are great indicators of how he loved not just film photography but life itself. He took photos of landscapes, architecture, wildlife, fellow Lomographers, Gudrun, their cat Agathe, and more. He was experimental in his approach, trying out many different photography styles, cameras and film. He saw beauty even in the "mistakes" of film.

In an interview with us, he narrated how his life-long film journey started out when he was six years old. Always an active member of the community since he joined, Klaus would answer film-related questions and give positive support to other photographers in their own film pursuits. For many, what started as small interactions within the community blossomed into valuable friendships.

For several years, we only corresponded together, as well as with his partner @guja, via the site, Lomography messaging, the Shoutbox, but also by sending greeting cards and participating in the #lomoprintexchange project.
And then, last April, during a business trip to Berlin, we had the opportunity to get to know each other in real life, and to take a photographic walk together in the city center of Berlin. I am deeply moved, because I have always greatly appreciated and admired the photographic work of @klawe, and I will miss his publications. - Gérard (@gheinz), in a note on his passing
I have only been on the Lomography site for less than two years. Klawe was one of my first friends on the site. He was a prolific experimenter with cameras and techniques and very talented too, producing some lovely and incredibly interesting creations.
He was generous with his interest in other photographers' work and generous in his feedback. That made him stand out because many people do take time to interact in such a positive way! My best wishes to his family in coming to terms with their loss. - Alan (@roaringtree)
Photos by Klaus Wendland (@klawe)
Klaus helped me a lot technically. A friendship even developed over time. Klaus was always there and always had a good answer to every question. I have been taking photographs for over half a century and had already switched to digital photography when I found our Lomography community with the Petzval lens.
A few years ago I met Klaus and with his advice I turned my attention back to film photography with 120 medium format. He was like a webmaster, always there for technical questions and answers. I don't know if a personality like him can be replaced. A trip to Berlin was already on my mind, I wasn't fast enough, it's painful, I'm in tears. - Ralph (@steamtug1959)
I still have no words for Klaus’ death but tears. Klaus was always present here, from day one.
We often had an exchange of technical knowledge, about sort of tricky stuff, sometimes I asked him or vice versa. But all the knowledge about photography will only be the smallest part that’s gone now. - Yörn (@stereograph)

Klaus was well-loved and will be remembered not just by us, but by everyone who had the opportunity to get to know him throughout his vibrant life.

Thank you, Klaus, for sharing your life with us through your photography, and for keeping the love for analogue alive.


Portrait of Klaus taken by Gudrun (@guja)

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  1. brine
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    A lovely tribute to a great person!!!

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    Thanks for this post - indeed a lovely tribute to a great person.

  3. gheinz
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    A deeply moving contribution. Every time I come across Klaus @klawe's photos, tears come to my eyes.

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    A nice tribute.

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    Gute Reise mein Freund....

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    Lovely write up for him

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    Very sad but a lovely tribute.

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    Such fitting tributes for Klaus, Haere ra e hoa Lomo mai

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    Let's keep him alive in our memories!

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    What a lovely tribute, a privilege to read!

  11. hervinsyah
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    Aaarrrrgggghhhh so heart breaking. He always mentioned me when I asked some technic or info that I didn't know at some photo or article. Such a really humble senior. I witness that he is a great human being eventhough I didn't knew him. Very sad to lost lomofriend after @dikasapi

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    Rest in Peace Klaus

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    Farewell Klaus. 😢

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    People don't really die, but yes they are missed by those who remain in time.
    Hope to meet you on the other side out of time, untill then: fare well

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    Klaus, you are missed!

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