Synesthesia #12 Celebrating International Women's Day


In this edition of Synesthesia, we celebrate International Women’s Day by featuring stunning analogue photos shot and featuring women. To complement these captivating visuals, we've curated an all-female soundtrack that includes a mix of soulful R&B, experimental electronic music, and left-field pop tunes.

Credits: free_gumpshun

This photo taken by @free_gumpshun reminds us of the baddies and strong women of the R&B and hip-hop community. Shot using our Color Negative ISO 400 film, this photo could be used as an artist promo, album cover, or even just a fun shoot for any R&B or hip-hop artist nowadays. The songs we chose are a mix of older and perhaps lesser-known hits, as well as Kali Uchis' telepatía which we think perfectly encapsulates the photo visually and musically.

Kut Klose - Surrender
Queen Latifah - Ladies First (feat. Monie Love)
Kali Uchis – telepatía

Credits: dogma

This dinner scene by Dogma is very calm and simple, yet also packs a surprising emotional punch. This slice of life photo is very moving and so are the selections that are paired up with this photo. When it comes to any art form, sometimes the most simple work can turn out to be the most powerful!

Kate Bush - Babooshka
Carole King - So Far Away (BBC In Concert, February 10, 1971)
Hikaru Utada - Naniirodemonai Hana (A Flower of No Color)

Credits: clairequiroule

Seeing this picture, the colors and subject instantly reminded us of Björk's album covers Post and Homogenic. However, we chose Venus As A Boy rather than a song from those two albums. We think the playfulness of Björk in the music video is something that can be seen and felt in this photo. Adding two other pop songs on the more playful and experimental side, we think this photo captures an intimate and raw emotion that all three songs bring out musically.

SOPHIE — It's Okay To Cry
Björk - Venus As A Boy
New Jeans - Ditto

Credits: alessia_spinta

This LomoChrome Turquoise multiple-exposure photo by @alessia_spinta mesmerizes and captures an essence of serenity and peace. Just like the experimental film and technique, we paired it with a mix of electronic tunes coming from women in the electronic music field. Mixing breaks, ambient, and electronic experimentations, these music choices compliment this dreamy and out-of-this-world photo that perhaps unknowingly evokes a feeling of coming together.

Object Blue - Ecstasy of Saint Teresa
Suzanne Ciani - 'Morning Spring
Jennifer Loveless - Fall In Love

Credits: layladawn_

@layladawn_ takes a multiple-exposure selfie with the LomoApparat that instantly reminds us of the end of a coming-of-age movie. With that in mind, we chose three tracks that could perfectly fit the ending scene and leave an emotional or feel-good impact on the viewers.

Nasty Cherry - Live Forever
Snail Mail - Pristine
Charli XCX - party 4 u

We thank the Lomography Community for their never-ending treasure trove of photos and we hope you like this round of music selections. If you have a picture and music selections that you want to submit message @rocket_fries0036 or comment down below!

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