Capture Your Wedding on Film With this Reusable Alternative to Disposable Cameras


If you aspire to preserve your special memories in an authentic way, then you should definitely consider using film cameras on your wedding day! Disposable cameras are a popular option, but like other single-use items, they may not be the best for the environment. A fantastic alternative is the Lomography Simple Use Cameras. Let’s first rewind and zoom in on analogue photography.

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Your wedding day is a one-of-a-kind occasion. Thousands of weddings happen in a year, but no two of them are the same – just like pictures shot on film. Each one is unique and beautiful in its own way. There is something so intimate about shooting on film. From clicking the shutter to winding the film and getting it developed, you can be hands-on and connected with every step of the process. This tactile aspect makes the outcomes more special, and the memories easier to relive.

How you distribute film cameras on your wedding day is entirely up to you. You can place them randomly on the reception tables and leave it to fate, or you can personally choose who you trust will take photos that reflect your taste and personality as a couple. Either way, we’re sure they’ll turn out great. You and your partner can even hold cameras yourselves! You might want to capture the day from your points of view as well, and doing so can help you hit pause and take it all in.

Disposable cameras are so easy to use that anyone, analogue pros or not, can easily operate them. These cameras are pre-loaded with a roll of film, so users can get to shooting right away. After taking the photos for each roll, take the whole camera to the lab and it will be processed for you. Upon getting the scans, minimal to no editing will be needed because shooting with film already guarantees a distinct charm in each photo. But who says the fun has to end on the same day? You can make the most of your memories while turning to a more eco-friendly option that keeps the analogue fun going!

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Meet the Lomography Simple Use Reloadable Film Cameras

Lomography Simple Use Cameras are like disposable cameras, minus the disposable part. They are as easy to use – just point and shoot, and you’re good!

We have prepared the Lomography Simple Use Camera Wedding Bundle to keep things trouble-free and cost-efficient. This includes a selection of fifteen Simple Use Reloadable Film Cameras pre-loaded with varying film stocks that can surely add an extra flair to the ambience of your wedding photographs.

There’s the Color Negative, a versatile film that captures life as it is – dazzling with bursts of color and impeccable details. The LomoChrome Metropolis is part of the set too, and it makes shades of red pop brighter than any other color, (a great way to symbolize fiery hearts and burning passion, right?) Finally, we have the Black & White, which needs no introduction – aligned with love, it is simply classic and timeless.

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All of these film stocks have an ISO of 400, giving them the ability to perform well under different light conditions – rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, morning or evening. The Simple Use Cameras come with a built-in flash as well, to cater for internal and low-light environments. Colored gel filters are attached for the option to add exciting effects!

But the best part of course is that Lomography Simple Use Cameras are reloadable, not disposable. You get to keep the cameras instead of leaving them at the lab, because they’re still superbly usable. You and your guests can explore and experiment with them long after the special day. Consider it a gift of gratitude to your loved ones who helped you celebrate your special day in analogue fashion. It’s the perfect give-and-take wedding favor, and we say cheers to that!

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Your Wedding, Your Way

Your wedding day may be one of the most personal days of your life. You’re declaring your unending love in front of everybody after all. Invite your beloved guests to be an even greater part of your story by having them immortalize this major day! Analogue photography, with its long history, is the embodiment of memories that last a lifetime.

Given the way that life goes, there should be no pressure to make everything flawless. Make film photography part of your eternal promise by capturing your wedding in a way that is candid, spontaneous and, most of all, perfectly imperfect – just like love.

We hope we've given you a few ideas for capturing your wedding on film. Check out the Lomography Simple Use Camera Wedding Bundle and other deals on our online store.

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Lomography Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera

The Lomography Simple Use Film Camera is no ordinary disposable camera — it’s pre-loaded with funky film and comes with Color Gel flash filters so that you can dive right into the world of creative analogue photography.


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